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Dragon Tattoos

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Of all the symbols on the tattoos, the dragon is among the most popular. It is the legendary beast most adopted by men. The reason for this may be obvious from the fact that man remains intrinsically attached to strength, greatness and domination. A tattoo reflects the fantasies of its bearer, his obsessions, legends, interests, etc… Have you opted for the dragon tattoo? Find out what it means and the best spot to put it in.

Dragon tattoo: What are its meanings?

The meaning of the dragon tattoo is strongly attached to the meaning attributed to the animal itself. Thus, a dragon tattoo has historical or cultural connotations.

Sign of wisdom in Japan

While many other cultures find the dragon a terrifying animal, its representation among the Japanese is hardly pejorative. It is, for them, an embodiment of strength and wisdom. Better yet, the dragon is a protector in Japanese tradition. Having a dragon tattoo reflects the strong, wise and protective side of the individual who wears it.

The dragon is an identity

Asia remains the part of the globe most steeped in the legendary stories of the dragons. Often a dragon is depicted on certain ships bound for Asia and indicates the origin of the sailors.

In Asian cultures, the dragon is also a sign of fertility and luck.

A tribute

For some people, a tattoo is a way of paying tribute. Usually, it is a tribute paid to famous people, especially in the world of cinema. The fetish actor of Kung Fu films, Jackie Chan, for example, has participated in many films whose title has the word dragon: Enter the Dragon (1973), The Young Dragons (1975), Dragon Fist (1979), Dragon Lord (1982), Heart of Dragon (1985), Dragons Forever (1988), Twin Dragons (1992), Dragon Heat (2000), Dragon Blade (2015), Wish Dragon (2020).

Dragon Ball is a cartoon that marked the childhood of many people and in which a dragon named Shenron grants wishes.

By tattooing a dragon, freedom seekers will not forget the dragons of Queen Daenarys Targarian in Game of Thrones, which represent her armed force in her fight against bondage.

What body part should I choose for my dragon tattoo?

The dragon is not as tiny an animal as the scorpion, and therefore it is not easy to tattoo it everywhere. The best location for the tattoo also depends on its shape. Indeed, a dragon that is snake-shaped and has no wings can stand along the side with its head at chest level. It also fits around the leg.

Other dragons are shown with wings, and frankly they are pretty. So the back is a good place to hold them, the torso as well. By the way most dragon tattoos are located on the back and the design takes up almost the whole surface. The representation of the dragon can also occupy a part of the back like the hollow of the shoulder or a part of the abdomen. This is often the case when only the head of the beast is tattooed. In a tiny version, it is tattooed on the thigh as well as on the arm.

How do you choose your dragon tattoo?

You will only be able to choose your favorite dragon when you choose to get a tattoo of this animal. All the same, it is important to know that the style of the tattoo counts. For that, several parameters will come into play.

Your apprehension of the dragon

If, for you, the dragon is a sign of fertility, and you adopt it for that, then you might as well choose a less monstrous dragon. The drawings of the dragon let you perceive a message from the author. A dragon painted to embody strength remains a little more terrifying with consistent colors.

On the other hand, if you choose a lucky dragon, it will be more colorful.

If it is rooted in your mind, a more intimate connection with the dragon, then it communicates with you, and you don't necessarily intend to show it off. In this case, you can choose a small or medium size dragon tattoo on a discreet part of the body.

However, if it is important for you to show off your tattoo a little in order to assert yourself or to convey your identity, it will be different. It is then necessary to opt for a nice tattoo on a strategic place that lets you see an important part of the dragon.

Adjusting to your skin

Speaking of tattoos, this is art. There is no art without beauty. A good tattoo must take into account your skin color. Choosing a design that enhances your skin and vice versa is well advised.

To summarize, the meaning of a dragon tattoo varies from one individual to another depending on beliefs and cultures. In any case, tattooing is art, and the dragon tattoo is special. The greatness of the dragon adds a powerful symbol to a true artistic masterpiece on the body. No need to combine it with other tattoos to be complete.

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