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Earning MONEY thanks to Dragons?

Do you dream of merging PASSION and MONEY? Do you want to generate REVENUE EASILY, day and night, 7 days a week?
It's possible by becoming a Dragon Vibe® partner! The principle is simple:

  • Step 1: Enter your email below and become an official Partner
  • Step 2: Get your affiliate links on your Dashboard
  • Step 3: Start promoting our site and earn your Commissions

What's in it for you:

  1.  A generous and simple Affiliate Program (10 to 15% per sale)
  2.  You have your own Dashboard, Affiliate Links and Custom Discount Codes
  3.  A complete catalogue of dragon products, a reputable site
  4.  FAST REVENUES: Secure and automated payments (Paypal or Bank Transfer)
  5.  An efficient tracking system (180 day cookies)

Am I eligible?

Yes, we accept website owners, bloggers, influencers, but also simple customers. In short all true Dragon enthusiasts who wish to capitalize on their interest in fantastic realms and mythical creatures.

Once you have joined our ranks, you will be able to use your affiliate links immediately to promote our products using :

  • Blog Articles
  • Advertising Banners
  • E-mails
  • Posts on Social Networks
  • Etc...

At Dragon Vibe®, we want to give our partners complete freedom. We provide you with everything you need to recommend us to your friends, subscribers or visitors. Then, feel free to promote our products as you wish. No matter what your experience is, you can start earning money today!

How does Affiliation work?

Basically, you promote our site, and as soon as someone buys an item, you receive a commission on the sale made. The higher your sales volume, the higher your commissions:

  • Stage 1 (between 0 and 20 sales): 10% per transaction
  • Stage 2 (between 20 and 100 sales): 12% per transaction
  • Stage 3 (over 100 sales): 15% per transaction

Every time someone clicks on your Affiliate Link and/or uses your personalized Discount Code, your commission automatically adds up in your Dashboard.

Note: to get your personalized discount code (example: DRAGON10) just contact us at falkor@dragon-vibe.com.

I'm not interested in money...

If you are not interested in commissions and would simply prefer to purchase one of our products, it is possible to exchange the accumulated money for items from our Online Shop... at very interesting prices!

  • For example: if you have earned a $10 commission, we'll give you the T-shirt of your choice. The price list will be communicated on request to partners who have already made a certain number of sales.

If you have any questions, start by consulting the "instructions" section of your Dashboard and then send us a message at falkor@dragon-vibe.com.