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Dragon Jewelry

Dragon lover? Dragon Vibe® has the largest selection of Jewelry (Bracelets, Rings, Necklaces, Watches, Earrings), Viking or Oriental inspired, in Silver or Stainless Steel.

Spark your style with Dragon Jewelry

There is nothing better than Dragon Jewelry to enhance your outfit. They easily enhance your appearance and embellish you with a strong character, just like the creature they represent. With this powerful symbol, you'll stand out from the crowd with ease. Our jewelry is forged with passion and quality for fantasy, gothic, rock and punk lovers. They are timeless fashion accessories. Some of them are even ahead of their time.

Set your destiny on fire with a Dragon Ring

Not only is it a great gift for your significant other, it's also a great gift for yourself. Our Dragon Rings range from sterling silver signet rings to engraved and gold-plated rings. We use jewelry that draws from precious metals, durable and elegant.

A Dragon Bracelet around the wrist

Of oriental inspiration, our Dragon Bracelets are made of leather, stainless steel or silver. Once around your wrist, they pour out charisma and strength. Dragons have no more secrets for us and we know that they can refine your silhouette whether you are a man or a woman. Make your choice from our wide selection.

The Dragon Necklace, a sure ally

Adorn your neck with elegance and fantasy with our Dragon Necklaces and Pendants. Whether it's a choker or a pendant that plays the role of centerpiece by highlighting your top, these jewels open your personality to others and add the final note to your style. Choose your necklace according to the type of collar you are going to wear, favor the length of the jewel according to the space your top offers you.

Freeze time with a Dragon Watch

It accompanies you every day with aestheticism and prestige, it is the Dragon Watch. The design of the dials is original and out of the ordinary, a mechanism with a look in harmony with the art and culture of dragons. Don't waste time, a dragon doesn't wait.