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Dragon Rings

Our Rings were forged in the jaws of a fire-breathing Dragon! Will you dare to put such a powerful object around your finger?

Ring and Signet Ring, a Powerful Symbolism

To express one's personality, the ring is the flagship jewel! It is the ideal vector to express one's style, originality, deep identity or belonging to a group. It is true that we currently enjoy a huge variety of clothing styles. But, very often, the hands are devoid of any jewels.

Since the dawn of time, hands have always been revealing personalities. In the past, when work was much more manual, we perceived a person's belonging to a category, thanks to his or her hands. Today, jewelry is what has replaced the hands in this respect.

Meaning of the Dragon Ring

Throughout all eras, and in the four corners of the world, the dragon has always fascinated men. Its symbolism takes on a different meaning according to the Mythologies. Indeed, for example, the Chinese perceive the dragon as an imperial creature, which brings health, happiness and prosperity. Conversely, in several European legends, the dragon is perceived as a diabolical, evil being, who spits out flames and sows chaos. However, dragons always have one thing in common: they are extremely powerful!

Covering a wide range, from the most basic to the most elaborate, the original Dragon Vibe® rings are meant to be the perfect incarnations of this legendary animal.

When a dragon is worn in a ring, it becomes much more than just a jewel, made of steel or silver. Indeed, the dragon wearer benefits from the presence, prestige and strength of this totem, this legendary talisman.
The ring is the keystone of the mystical and timeless world of dragons. In short, to adorn your finger with a dragon ring is to embody a powerful process of will, adventure and desire to live.

Dragon Ring for Man

The dragon personifies the natural force of man. When a man puts a dragon ring in his hand, he reveals his aura and his natural charismatic power, which lies deep within his being.

Like the dragon, a man who wears draconian jewelry never lets his emotions overwhelm him. He is the master of his ship.

For the Buddhists, the dragon is the Yang force. Thus, he symbolizes male energy.

Dragon ring for woman

But, if the dragon is a creature endowed with an incredible strength, it is no less sensitive, refined and original.

The dragon loves women, and shows it. Far from all preconceived ideas, the dragon also marries perfectly with feminine features. Indeed, the dragon is a "total" being. Thus, a dragon ring with slender, original and pure curves can perfectly suit women.

At the heart of feminine jewelry, the dragon ring is not concerned with fashion. It is universal and timeless. This is justified by the fact that this mythical animal instills confidence and class in its happy owner.

Manufacturing Secrets

The Dragon Vibe® is a community gnawed by the passion of the dragon. That's the main secret. But that's not all. We are constantly working to perfect ourselves and surround ourselves with the best talents. Our watchwords are: creativity, quality, originality, personality, craftsmanship, diversity, novelty.

Because we know that a good style of clothing necessarily involves a ring, we work in close collaboration with our suppliers to deliver the best to you.

You should also know that some of our jewelry is one size fits all. Thus, they are perfectly adjustable and can be fitted with any finger.

316L Stainless Steel Dragon Ring: Strong and Durable

If they call it surgical steel, it's not for nothing. In fact, it's the strongest alloy in the entire fantastic galaxy of jewels.

The composition of this stainless steel also incorporates chromium. Thus, after working it, it shines like gold or silver. You can even "age" it deliberately, without damaging its substance, of course.

Time, this vile enemy, does not succeed in tarnishing and damaging the color of this stainless metal. Indeed, unlike low quality steel alloys, 316L does not turn black. As a result, a 316L stainless steel ring is a durable object, standing up to the abuse orchestrated by the passage of time.

925 Sterling Silver Dragon Ring: Mesmerizing

Silver 925 is a noble material. It is also known as Sterling Silver and is often found in jewelry.
It is the result of a meticulous alloy of 92.5% pure silver, hence its name 925. The remaining 7.5% are metals, such as copper and zinc, which provide the object with its robustness.

The neutral silvery tonality of this precious metal goes perfectly with a chic outfit. That said, Sterling Silver goes well with almost any style. It is not difficult!

Some of our rings are made of rhodium-plated silver. This simply means that they have a layer of the extremely rare metal rhodium. This gives the dragon ring a bright and clear look.

Sterling silver darkens over time. But, far from being a proof of poor quality, it is in fact quite the opposite. Indeed, it is one of the unique and unchanging characteristics of silver. This tarnishing can occur after a few weeks or months. It depends on a number of variables. In order to keep a resplendent silver shine for as long as possible, Dragon Vibe® advises you not to let the jewelry come into contact with the following: water, perfume, cream, makeup or perspiration.

Dragon ring zirconium: shiny

Some of our rings are made from zirconium, which should not be confused with the natural stone called Zircon, or with rhinestones.

Zirconium is a semi-precious artificial stone. It is found in many pieces of jewelry. This is mainly due to the fact that it has the features of a diamond. Also, it is available in different shades, such as emerald, sapphire or ruby.

The cubic zirconium used in the design of the Dragon Vibe® rings is, due to its brilliant shine, the second best alternative to diamond. It comes just behind moissanite, which ranks in pole position.

Dragon Vibe® Jewelry Care

In order for your jewels to preserve their magnificence for many years, Dragon Vibe® suggests this:

  • Do not put them in contact with water or chemicals,
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wash your favorite jewelry. If the problem is serious, opt for specific cleaning products.

Let's Go Further

For every situation, a dragon ring fits! For example, if you want to make an original gift, we suggest fancy rings made of rhinestones. But "purists" are advised to opt for jewelry made of precious materials, such as 925 silver.

In our collection, we have a multitude of high-quality dragon rings. They are as varied as they are original.

We have a great choice of ring types: Celtic, Asian, vintage, gothic, punk, wedding, biker, fantasy, steampunk…

We also have a good choice in terms of materials: Stainless Steel, Silver, Titanium, Copper…

And all of these in different sizes and colors. We have all kinds! Don't hesitate to go and have a look!

Also, and to complete your unique style, you may consider a dragon necklace. A real piece of fantasy jewelry! The combination of the necklace and the ring will make you the true free spirit you've been wanting to be. Go for one of them and see your charisma grow.

Finally, we would like to inform you that delivery is free worldwide.