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Dragon Incense Burners

Our Incense Burners are not only an aid to relaxation, concentration and meditation, but they are also unique works of art. It is a bliss for the eyes, as well as a delight for the nostrils.

Our dragon incense burners

Contrary to what one might think, an incense burner or holder is far from being a simple Zen decoration object. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the incense holder allows letting escape a graphic and fragrant smoke with multiple benefits.

A wooden, brass, ceramic, glass or stone incense holder will make a pleasant moment of fumigation possible and will allow you to burn your incense sticks or cones in total serenity.

Enter the mysterious world of fumigation and discover the exclusive dragon burners or incense holders that will enhance your living room.

What is incense?

When it comes to religious or more universal rituals, fumigation or energy cleansing, incense and incense holders have always played an important role.

Incense, in the form of wooden sticks or cones, has been used for thousands of years and across many cultures and religions, from South American shamans to African or Indian sorcerers to Egyptian priests.

And for good reason. Our ancestors quickly understood that certain resins of wood and burned plants had a direct impact on our well-being and serenity.

What are the virtues of incense?

When burned, incense sticks and cones reach a specific point of incandescence which allows the release of certain odorous molecules.

When breathed in, these molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve which then transmits a message to the seat of our emotions: the limbic brain.

In this way, incense will promote states of calm and inner peace, release tensions in the body and mind and act directly on states of stress and anxiety.

How to choose your dragon incense burner?

There are different ways to choose your incense holder or incense burner.

For example, you can choose your incense holder based on its aesthetics and materials.

At Dragon Vibe, we offer a wide variety of materials: ceramic, wood, brass, glass or stone.

But you can also choose your incense holder according to the type of incense you will use.

The design of your burner or your incense holder will not be the same if you choose to use sticks or if you prefer to use incense cones.

Finally, to complete a successful interior ambiance, visit our collection of dragon paintings. Your living room will never be the same and your energy level will go to a whole new level!