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Dragon T-shirts

Find our selection of the best Dragon T-shirts. Share your uncommon passion and impose your difference with class!

Amazing Dragon T-shirts

Dragon Vibe® offers a wide range of Dragon T-shirts. Constantly looking for novelty, our goal is to be the pioneers in all dragon clothing.

Far from having only austere T-shirts, we also offer tops with incredible, original, picturesque and folkloric dragon designs.

The dragon has its roots in several ancestral cultures, located in the four corners of the world. Surprisingly, it does not have the same symbolism everywhere. For example, in Asia, it embodies a multitude of benefits: strength, longevity, health, financial success… Whereas in the Christian West, it was rather perceived as an incarnation of Satan.

In any case, dragons had enormous powers, whether to do good (in China, he makes rain fall so that harvests are abundant) or evil. In short, you understood that the dragon is not a creature like any other.

Thus, the wearer of a Dragon T-shirt enjoys its prestige and power. Overflowing with inventiveness and innovation, our Dragon T-shirts will always surprise, draw attention to themselves and amaze the crowd.

In addition, a Dragon T-shirt has the ability to bring back distant memories, and bring back a wonderful feeling of nostalgia.

A wide selection of Dragon T-shirts

If you're a lover of mythological and fantastic stories, especially those about dragons, Dragon Vibe® will be your inexhaustible well of joy, thanks to its very varied Dragon T-shirts. A dragon fan must have at least one of them in his wardrobe.

Indeed, at Dragon Vibe®, there are T-shirts for all tastes:

  • Black, white, gray, red, blue, khaki, sportswear … in every color
  • With different designs and patterns (including animals…) printed in high definition
  • Different styles (casual, Gothic, fancy, Celtic)
  • With a slim fit and an oversize fit. They are even available in a straight cut
  • Various compositions (cotton, polyester or Lycra)
  • With different sizes
  • And with short sleeves or long sleeves

To match perfectly with your T-shirt, you may also take a look at our dragon jackets.

The power incarnate: the Dragon T-shirt

The dragon is a fantastic, over-powerful being.

The owner of a Dragon T-shirt is worn by the faculties of the latter (intelligence, strength, inventiveness…). Through a fabric designed with a dragon motif, the dragon breathes its presence, its will to accomplish, its joy of life and even its splendor into its happy wearer. No quest, no challenge will be insurmountable for the bearer!

Carry high and proud the colors of the dragon, young adventurer!

Even if so far, we've mostly talked about our colorful, exotic, original, jovial T-shirts … you should know that we also have T-shirts from a much darker universe. T-shirts that flower with the Gothic spirit. Thus, we cover the whole range of dragons: from the lightest and funniest to the most terrible, frightening and powerful.

If we had to sum up what Dragon T-shirts inspire in a few words, it would be:

  • Recklessness
  • Exaltation
  • Ardor
  • Loyalty
  • Bewitching

You should also know that Dragon Vibe® wants to satisfy everyone. Therefore, we offer Dragon T-shirts for women and men. Everyone is served!

Wearing a dragon T-shirt

Of course, the T-shirt is an essential clothing accessory for a man.

Due to their unbeatable price/quality ratio and their great variety, Dragon Vibe® T-shirts can be worn in a wide range of situations.

However, a few basic rules remain:

  • First select the color (red, black, white…). You can match it with almost anything: jackets, blazers… By the way, we invite you to have a look at our Dragon Jackets
  • Then focus on the designs, prints, patterns, details … so that they all match your personality. In this way, you will bring out your personality and character in a beautiful way
  • Don't neglect the choice of material either: polyester is soft and breathable, organic cotton is comfortable and Lycra is elastic
  • As far as "dress rules" are concerned, a Dragon Printed T-shirt (whether 3D or not) must respect the same codes as a plain T-shirt. That said, it gives a "boost" to your look, which a plain T-shirt is not able to do
  • Whether the T-shirt is topped with a draconian graphic design or a kanji (Chinese Signs), you have to be in the right clothing balance. If it is true that at the beginning of the 2000s, a whole series of eccentric Dragon T-shirts were created, nowadays this is no longer the case
  • Today, a t-shirt with a dragon design is meant to help enhance the overall appearance of clothing, not "crush it.” So, if you're wearing pants or jeans that are out of the ordinary and "very showy", make sure you "fuse" it with a single color (monochrome) Dragon T-shirt. The latter must, of course, be a "good match.”
  • Usually, jeans combine perfectly with a dragon print top. They can be of a fairly similar color (gray with blue), or of a different color (white and blue)

Further and Further

Dragon Vibe® wants to push the customer experience even further. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new products that defy all competition in terms of quality/price ratio.

In addition, we offer free shipping worldwide.