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Dragon Shirts

Shop created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. You will love our range of Dragon Shirts.

Our Dragon Shirts are made with fervor and passion. With one of our shirts on, nothing will be able to dampen your desire for adventure and your will to move forward.

For All Tastes

At Dragon Vibe®, there's something for everyone! Here are the different types of shirts we offer:

  • Shirts for men and women
  • Made with 100% organic cotton, soft and breathable polyester, or silk
  • Short or long sleeve shirt
  • Available in multiple sizes (from S to XXXL)
  • With a slim fit, straight cut, fitted, or Hawaiian style
  • Embroidered or printed shirt with high definition textile pattern
  • Blue shirt, black shirt, white shirt...
  • With eclectic styles: fancy, Chinese, vintage, traditional, modern, flowery...

Anyway, everybody gets served! That said, they all have one thing in common: they're all buttoned. In addition, most of our dragon shirts provide a feeling of freedom of movement and are ideal for a casual look. Now, for the times you'd prefer something more casual while still fashionable and original, get a look at our T-shirts, they may offer a great complement to your buttoned shirt.

A Dragon Shirt for a Burning Hot Style!

Our Dragon Shirts are made with love and passion, and with its unique dragon fabric composition, you'll knock out all the other boring looks! You'll love the prints, patterns and embroidery on each and every Shirt. The dragons on each of them symbolize a lot, they bring a touch of culture with an opening on the history of these fantastic beasts, wear them with pride. Rare, the Dragon Shirt is in vogue, you can find the winged creature everywhere, from movies to video games to books. It's simple, if you like the fantasy genre, the dragon shirt is for you. If you're just looking for a quality garment that stands out from the crowd with original colors and designs, they'll also make you happy.

The Draconian Prestige

When they are incorporated into a shirt, dragons bring to the textile all their fury, power and recklessness. To wear a dragon shirt is therefore to enjoy an incredible privilege. It means opening up to the millenary history of dragons, which have lived in the minds of humans across a multitude of lands and eras. Having said that, one must also know how to live up to this draconian prestige.

Dragon Shirt for Men

If you want to boost your masculine style, the dragon shirt will be your main ally. Indeed, the dragon will impose its virility and its salient features, giving your look an uncompromising dynamism, an inexhaustible strength and a nerve that has no equal.

In the Asian culture, the dragon is a vector of a multitude of benefits: health, prosperity, joy... In the West, it is a being much more harmful, but endowed with immense power. This gives us an explosive cocktail, to the delight of the dragon shirts and their happy owners.

Thus, a man who dresses with a shirt printed with the dragon motif demonstrates his power. Moreover, he magnifies his style with ardor and audacity.

Are you more into short sleeves or long sleeves? We have just the thing for you.

Dragon Shirt for Women

Who is the rascal who dared to say that dragon shirts were for men only? Anyway, he's not part of Dragon Vibe®!

Ladies, we haven't forgotten about you. The women's version of the dragon shirt was born in a streetwear approach.

Far from the cliché of the princess who waits for the Prince to deliver her, this shirt was conceived with the emancipation of women in mind. The printed dragon shirt will fit like a glove to women of character, who burn within them with a feverish desire for life and adventure.

This garment, original to say the least, embellishes the urban style thanks to its slightly oversized rendering.

Moreover, our dragon shirts are very comfortable. New and unique items are regularly added to our collection of women's dragon shirts.

How to Wear a Dragon Shirt?

Although a dragon shirt is a precious, rare and extraordinary garment, it can be worn like any other shirt. But not only that. So we will answer the following question: What should a dragon shirt be worn with? And what are some tips on how best to wear such a shirt?

  • For a rock look, Dragon Vibe® advises you to wear a dragon shirt with ripped or punctured jeans.
  • You can add a sumptuous and singular dragon belt. However, a printed dragon shirt doesn't need this to get noticed and get all the attention. So, without a belt, it's okay too.
  • Merge your dragon shirt with a bomber, jacket or dragon jacket. That said, be careful not to get too many colors. The secret to success: Keep it simple and in tune with your choice of colors.
  • Add some dragon accessories to your style, such as dragon necklaces and rings
  • In summer, you don't need a fully buttoned shirt. Get a cool, relaxed look by "popping a few buttons."
  • The secret recipe: all the clothes you combine with a dragon shirt should be simple, so that the shirt is the main focus (to exploit its potential to the fullest). For example, the pants or shorts should be single-colored and plain (in white, black or blue), and the sneakers should be fairly classic.

Let's Go Ever Further

In order to satisfy our friendly customers as much as possible, we are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative and quality clothing. We make it a point of honor to find shirts that have the best value for money. Moreover, free shipping is available worldwide!