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Dragon Bracelets

Our bracelets forged in the jaws of a fire-breathing dragon will make you snap. Whether you're a dissident biker, an angry metalhead or a goth, welcome!

A noble jewel: the Dragon Bracelet

Having a dragon on your wrist is a feeling that cannot be described in just a few words. You have to live it! A Dragon Bracelet is not just a piece of jewellery. Basically, it is a noble jewel intended only for emperors and the powerful of this world!

But don't worry, nowadays, everyone has the right to wear one! However, it doesn't detract from its prestige and power. Currently, the Dragon Bracelet is a trendy accessory that men and women use to add character to their appearance.

But most of the time, they have no idea that the Dragon Bracelet has a thousand-year-old history and special meanings. For example, the dragon is seen as a bearer of blessings in Asia. It brings health, longevity, prosperity and happiness to those who know how to honour it properly.

Dragon Bracelet: powerful and mystical

If we compare all mystical creatures, it is obvious that the dragon is one of the most powerful. It masters all the vital elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

He embodies change, the desire to move forward and the will to succeed in any challenge.

By having him on your wrist, you will benefit from his boldness, his intelligence, his power, his perseverance and his recklessness. However, you must show yourself worthy of it, by proving your motivation and your desire to always do better. Also, you must never disrespect him.

In short, if you show yourself worthy, he will guide you towards a better future.

The Dragon Bracelet is often perceived as a jewel that conveys harmony and magical powers. It helps to draw from the depths of the soul, to see the world at its best: under the prism of an enchanted world, filled with divine splendours and wonderful enchantments.

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Dragon Bracelets, a vast collection

Dragon Vibe® offers you a vast collection of Dragon Bracelets.

There are bracelets in 316L stainless steel, 925 Sterling Silver, leather, titanium, agate stone, pearl and zinc alloy.

Among them, there are all styles: Tibetan, Viking, Celtic, Chinese, Gothic, Punk ...

How to wear a Dragon Bracelet?

Since the dawn of time, women and men have been wearing Bracelets. Nowadays, these jewels are more minimalist, but have become more complex in terms of details.

With the multitudes of bracelets that we have presented to you, you will inevitably find a shoe that fits your size, or rather a bracelet on your wrist.

If you don't know the "codes" for putting on your Dragon Bracelet in the best possible way, here are some tips that will be very useful:

  • You can make winning combinations of several bracelets, by playing with the shapes, colors and contrasts of the bracelets.
  • However, never wear several metals on your wrist at the same time. Silver, pink gold, platinum and steel are beautiful, but as they say, strong personalities don't necessarily get along. Indeed, each Bracelet will try to "crush" the other.
  • Offer a striking contrast to your style. For that, if you have a monotonous look, opt for a Dragon Bracelet with exotic colours (green, pink, blue, red...).
  • Keep it simple. This is one of the best advice we can give you. You should never overdo it, so as not to let your Dragon Bracelet take over the rest of your clothing.
  • Put a charm, or more than one, on your bracelet. It's a fun and elegant way to embellish your look. But remember, don't overdo it!

Why wear a Dragon Bracelet?

Some people spread the rumor that Bracelets are not manly accessories. However, if we look at history a little closer, we realize that a myriad of Kings, Emperors and warriors wore them.

And we can go back even further. Cavemen wore chains of shells or bones on their wrists to ward off evil spirits.

However, nowadays, bracelets are often seen as the embodiment of refinement, fortune, luck or style. If you're still not convinced, we'll give you a few more reasons to have a Dragon Bracelet on your wrist:

  • Because it' s not a trivial accessory, the Dragon Bracelet has a disconcerting ease in starting conversations.
  • Majestic and fantastic, it embellishes any personality.
  • This jewel provides status. Indeed, when we see someone with a Dragon Bracelet, we know directly that he is passionate about fantasy and that he possesses a spirit overflowing with imagination and creativity.
  • In Asian beliefs, the Dragon brings a multitude of benefits: money, strength and health. Thus, the Dragon Bracelet gives you virtues, as much on the physical level as on the psychic level.
  • Finally, the Dragon Bracelet attracts all eyes on you.

At the top of fashion: the Leather Dragon Bracelet

Currently, the Dragon Bracelet is a resounding success. Especially the Leather Dragon Bracelet, which is ultra-trendy, it's a must have! In the small world of the trendy jewels, it holds a major role.

For the new generation, the Leather Dragon Bracelet is a fashion element that cannot be substituted. More and more young people proudly wear such a bracelet on their wrists. Both men and women.

Here are some advantages of this type of bracelet:

  • A Leather Dragon Bracelet blends beautifully with clothes or other leather items. These include shoes, belts, purses, jackets or even trousers.
  • The Leather Dragon Bracelet is a vintage object, whose genesis dates back several hundred years. Innumerable celebrities from many different trends (Funk, Punk, Rock, Gothic...) have already worn one.
  • It's a charming jewel that makes a strong impression. And, it's ideal for conquering your soul mate, especially thanks to its virtues of harmony and balance, a bit like Yin Yang. Moreover, we propose a Yin Yang Dragon Bracelet in our collection.

We propose Bracelets in real Leather (cow and lamb) and in synthetic Leather. Everything is detailed in the descriptions of each of our products.

Since it is a "living material", it is necessary to do a little maintenance to keep the properties of the Leather Dragon Bracelet in their original state.

The elegant: 925s Sterling Silver Dragon Bracelet

Dragon Vibe® has Dragon Bracelets made with 925 Sterling Silver. This is what we call a noble material.

92.5% of this alloy is made of pure silver. Other metals such as zinc and copper are added to solidify the bracelet.

In order to keep its natural splendor as long as possible (because silver naturally blackens), we advise you never to bring the Silver Dragon Bracelet into contact with liquid or chemical substances.

Here are a few tips for wearing it well:

  • You can put it under the sleeve of a shirt or sweater, for example. We also recommend that you check out our Dragon Shirts.
  • You should only "draw" it at the right time. For example, when you shake hands to say hello.
  • Keep in mind that it's precious. So that means that it must be wanted, and be able to surprise when the time comes.
  • When it's hot and you have a short-sleeved t-shirt, you can merge other bracelets with your Silver Dragon Bracelet to refresh your style!

The robust: Stainless Steel Bracelet 316l

If 316L Stainless Steel is called surgical steel, it's not for nothing! It is extremely strong and easy to work with. Also, it can easily be polished to a shine like gold or silver, without altering its quality. And icing on the cake, 316L Stainless Steel also resists very well to the ravages of time and does not blacken!

Our Steel Dragon Bracelets are the result of a gigantic work, both spiritual and manual. They "tick all the boxes":

  • The price of this stainless steel jewel is extremely affordable.
  • Generally, the Stainless Steel Dragon Bracelet is for women as well as men (it is called unisex).
  • It does not cause any allergies.
  • It comes in a multitude of shapes and designs, all of which are very attractive.
  • Knowing that, as already mentioned, 316L stainless steel is very easy to work with, the shapes found on these bracelets are particularly precise and detailed. Thus, one can easily distinguish the head, the body and the different limbs of the dragon such as the legs, claws, wings and eyes.
  • In addition, some are made of titanium and tungsten. When this is the case, it is obviously specified in the product description.

The benefactor: Beaded Dragon Bracelet

A lot of people have adopted the Beaded Dragon Bracelet. Often, it is because it transmits positive waves and brings good luck to its owner.

The Beaded Dragon Bracelet is available in several colours. In addition, you can combine it with other Dragon Bracelets, to increase their power and not have a monotonous style.

Depending on their colours, the Beaded Dragon Bracelets do not all have the same symbolism. Here are some meanings:

  • Blue Pearls: brings peace, security, balance, healing, self-control and renewal.
  • Violet Pearls: embodies creativity, free spirit and healing.
  • Red Pearls: boosts your courage, your ardour, your bodily energies. Moreover, it transmits power to those around you, to your work and to your life.
  • Black Pearls: it enhances your skills, consolidates your daring, your charisma, your personal confidence and your spiritual awakening.
  • Turquoise Pearls: it attracts love, regeneration, discernment and calm. Moreover, it incites you to expose your truths to the world.
  • Green Pearls: it allows change, increases your ability to adapt and be productive. It generates truce, fortune and recovery.

Always more novelty

We are on the lookout for the latest draconic novelties, and we do our utmost to offer Dragon Bracelets with a quality/price ratio at the top!
And what's more, delivery is totally free worldwide!