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Dragon Kimonos

If you are passionate about Japanese culture and dragon lovers, don't move: our selection of Dragon Kimonos will take you to the top of elegance and refinement. For summer or winter, for men or women, our Kimonos come in a variety of styles, from the soberest to the most extravagant, with designs that sometimes recall the most beautiful Japanese prints.

The Dragon Kimono: The Japanese Style Class

Kimono means "thing you wear on you".

Basically, it is a garment coming from the Japanese tradition. However, its use has greatly changed over time. Indeed, after its encounter with the Western style, the Kimono has mutated into a "fashionable garment", always at the top of the latest trends.

Airy, graceful, relaxed and ultra-light, in addition to being elegant, the Kimono provides very appreciable sensations.

At Dragon Vibe®, our Dragon Kimonos are very "spicy". Indeed, they offer original, surprising and well-thought-out colors and patterns. The dragons are printed or embroidered on the Kimonos with precision, rigor and know-how.

In the United States, and in the Western world in general, streetwear inspired by Japanese style is becoming more and more fashionable. If Streetwear were to be compared to a sun, the Dragon Kimono would be one of its most powerful rays. And this will continue to be the case for many years to come.

The origin of the Kimono

For us Westerners, when we hear Kimono, we immediately think of Japan. The simple evocation of this garment reminds us all (Asians or Westerners) of Japan's glorious past.

Through the patterns on the kimonos, we decipher the immense love and infinite devotion that the Japanese people have for Mother Nature. Indeed, trees, flowers, streams and other natural elements are often found on ancestral Kimonos.

Sometimes they were painted by hand with passion, other times lovingly embroidered. Nowadays, Kimonos can also be printed with modern techniques.

Frequently, Kanji (Japanese signs) and dragons came to brighten up the patterns of these kimonos. Poetic excerpts or illustrious personalities referring to specific ideas or thought were painted or sewn on the kimonos.

A clever mix between Tradition and Urban: the dragon kimono

A traditional kimono is equipped with :

  • A main piece (often black) embroidered with a "Mon" (family coat of arms)
  • An underwear
  • A "hakama " (wide smooth pants, looking like a long kilt)
  • A "haori" (traditional Japanese jacket worn on the hip or thigh)
  • A "zōri" (traditional sandals)
  • A "heko obi" (belts made of muslin)
  • And socks.

In addition, the traditional kimono is accompanied by a tie and some other accessories, like a small folding fan.

To be quite honest, a genuine and integral Japanese kimono is very expensive. This is why many Japanese people rent these outfits for their celebrations. And even that is not cheap.

Dragon Vibe® offers you restylized kimonos, much more focused on streetwear. The patterns have been updated. The designs are special and fun. For example, you can find Dragon Kimonos with animals (like snakes for example).

Dragon Kimono for Men

It is important to know that, for men, the word Kimono is a standard word for a wide variety of clothing. Thus, there are a multitude of different Kimonos for men.

The Yukata is one of the most famous men's Kimonos. It is made of cotton and is mostly worn during popular festivities (Matsuri). It can also be worn in the summer as a casual wear in ancestral inns of Japan called Ryokan.

Many Japanese men wear this splendid garment with great pride. On the other hand, during "official" events, such as a wedding, they sometimes rent a full kimono with :

  • A Kimono (main piece)
  • A "nagajuban" (sub-kimono)
  • An obi (belt)
  • A "hakama" (skirt)
  • And a "haori" (all silk jacket).

Beyond the majestic appearance that it confers to its wearer, the Dragon Kimono for Men also transmits positive waves. In addition, it should also be known that Kimonos are also worn by many artists.

Dragon Kimono for Women

In terms of Dragon Kimono, women are not forgotten.

This garment, with its traditional appearance, can be an excellent night companion. Thus, it turns out to be excellent pajamas.

Depending on its length and color, it is not used for the same purpose. If it is long, it is a Dragon Kimono dress.

In Japan, it is seen as a thousand-year-old dress, belonging to a distant and illustrious past, and embodying prosperity and good health.

Regarding colors, red (Aka) is sacred. It symbolizes the substances necessary for life: the rising sun (red disc on the Japanese flag), blood or flames.

In addition, a Women's Dragon Kimono jacket is often the result of an "artistic blast". Thus, it is perfect to bring exoticism to a clothing style.

In addition, a Women's Kimono is durable.

Dragon Vibe® offers you a wide range of patterns and colors. Be aware that Women's Dragon Kimonos can be combined with almost any garment. They are perfect to complete your wardrobe in a "casual" style, for the summer period. For example, you can pair a Women's Dragon Kimono with a bra, summer shorts or sandals.

However, a limitation emerges: it is advisable to choose complementary clothes, with a pure and simple style, colors and design, so that your Dragon Kimono (with its eccentric patterns and colors) stands out well and is the centerpiece of your outfit.

How to choose Your Dragon Kimono?

Dragon Vibe® has a wide range of Kimonos printed and embroidered with majestic Dragons. There is one for every taste:

  • Some are made of silk or satin, others are made of cotton or polyester...
  • Some dragon designs are printed in high definition, others are embroidered with passion and know-how
  • You can also find long or short Kimonos
  • As well as tight and wide cuts
  • Kimonos of all colors (Black, White, Red, Blue ...)
  • Of various sizes (from S to XXXL)
  • With short and long sleeves
  • With different styles (vintage ...)
  • And with various and varied patterns (with animals, flowers ... and of course dragons!)

Where and how to wear a Dragon Kimono?

It's not complicated, you can put it on when you're cozy in your home, in the street, at parties and even sometimes in some workplaces (not all of them!).

Dragon Vibe® focuses more on the urban aspect of the Dragon Kimono. So you can opt for trendy streetwear to go with your Dragon Kimonos.

Also, knowing that the fabric is made with a soft material and is incredibly pleasant to the touch, you can wear your favorite Kimono as a vest, a cardigan or a jacket, when the temperature rises.

Also, check out our whole dragon clothing department to find some other amazing pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Going even further

To conclude this subject in style, you should know that we do everything possible to find products with a quality/price ratio that defies all competition.

Moreover, the delivery is free for any order, worldwide!