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Dragon Watches

You're looking for a retro look, you're a Steampunk fan? Our beautiful pocket watches are waiting for you! If you wish to adopt a more classic but distinguished style, our elegant dragon watches will naturally find a place of choice in your collection.

Understanding time and space is essential for mankind. It enables him to define his points of reference, to direct his actions, to plan, to program, to foresee. A very effective way to achieve all this is to consult the time on the watch worn on your wrist. Watchmaking since the 16th century has been constantly reinventing itself. It offers pieces with multiple designs for different uses. One model in particular is the dragon watch.

Why wear a dragon watch?

The primary use of a dragon watch is to tell the time like any other watch. However, owning a watch like this is not the only purpose.

Style matters

Watches are fashion accessories. They are small touches that embellish your clothing. They reflect your tastes, your personality. The image they send speaks for you. Wearing a dragon watch is a sign of elegance and confidence. You will leave no one indifferent.

No matter what you choose to look like: casual, chic or formal, it will easily match your clothes. It is also suitable for all occasions. Whether you're going to a dinner party, a job interview, a wedding, a business meeting, this watch will fit your wrist.

An artistic masterpiece

A watch is a work of art in every respect. The mechanical, technical and design aspects are its identity. A dragon watch is distinguished by its symbol. The material from which the dragon has been carved, the carving procedure, the precision in the details of the design are all things that make the watch unique and different. This makes it an exceptional piece of jewelry.

The symbolism of the dragon

The dragon in Eastern culture represents the forces of nature. Beyond that, it is synonymous with power, might and luck. It is feared and respected. It is a symbol with which you can identify. So look good as this iconic animal when wearing a dragon watch.

How to wear a dragon watch properly?

Owning a dragon watch is one thing, knowing how to wear it well is another. To achieve this, your tastes, your clothes and your accessories will be determining factors. It can also be interesting to acquire a pocket watch or more precisely a dragon pocket watch for the biggest fans.

Left or right wrist?

There is no precise wrist to wear your dragon watch properly. Still prefer to put it on the wrist opposite to your strong hand. Indeed, we instinctively perform many tasks with our dominant hand. It is not easy to write with a watch on your right wrist if you are right-handed or on your left wrist if you are left-handed.

Moreover, this will prevent you from damaging your watch or leaving scratches on it. However, if you are wearing accessories such as signet rings or bracelets, it would be more convenient not to have the watch on the same hand.

The perfect match for your outfit

Elegance is in the details. Wearing the wrong dragon watch won't help you have a distinguished style. Color, material, type of strap are important. Choose a harmonious marriage. Your watch should fit into your outfit without losing it. A watch in the same color as your shoes or hat is preferable. On the other hand, a gold dragon watch with bracelets and a silver ring would look decadent.

If you're in casual fashion, wear a classic dragon watch that's fairly sober. If you are more formally dressed, it would be more practical to wear a more sophisticated dragon watch. It depends on the event you are attending. Play around with colors, accessories and your tastes. It's important to find a balance.

And, if you think that dragon jewelry is for you and that it perfectly represents your style and personality, don't hesitate to come and see the complete collection of all our dragon jewelry!

How do you choose your dragon watch?

To look your best, you need to choose the right watch. It has to fit you perfectly.

First of all, you have to choose between a mechanical or a quartz dragon watch. The mechanical one requires a lot of work and precision. The system does not depend on any battery, unlike the quartz one. It is therefore more expensive.

Then, the material of the components of your watch is essential. Do not buy a watch with a plastic strap. It will break your style. Be interested in leather, silver, platinum or gold. The quality of the case and glass is also important. Most dragon watches have acrylic glass. Sapphire glass is also available.

The sobriety of the dial is not negligible. It will bring out the main asset of your watch: the dragon. An overloaded dial, large hands and a high-contrast back make the design less captivating and pleasant. Take a look now at the markings. There are many of them. Their know-how is no longer to be proven. A brand is a history, a name, a reputation, a quality to be maintained. The detail in the finishes says a lot about their expertise.

Finally, try the watch. A watch which is too loose on one wrist is uncomfortable and unpleasant. So check that it fits. If it squeezes you too tight, it will leave marks. Also, avoid large watches. They are too conspicuous. Keep in mind that your dragon watch isn't the first thing you should notice when someone looks at you.

Before investing in a dragon watch, we advise you to go and find out about clocks that will bring a beautiful style to your interior decoration.

How do you clean your dragon watch?

Watches are an inheritance, memories that are attached to a person. In some families, they are passed down from generation to generation. They are gifts that bind parents and their children together. They are a sign of the continuity of a lineage. The secret to such longevity is maintenance. If you wish to wear your dragon watch for several years, if possible leaving it as a gift, you must know how to take care of it.

If your watch is not waterproof, use a soft cloth. A worn dry toothbrush might do the trick. If it is waterproof, the ideal is to remove the strap if you can, especially for the leather. Then you can clean it with water. For scratches, you should have the dragon watch polished by a watchmaker. After that, it will regain all its beauty.