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Dragon Hoodies

Assert your love of dragons and display it with pride, thanks to our hooded sweaters.

Unleash your passion with the Dragon Hoodie

Hoodies have long been equated with sports people, but nowadays they have become a fashionable clothing item. Our dragon hoodies allow you to differentiate yourself from boring or overly classic, lifeless styles.

Dragon prints, designs and patterns give character to the garment and its wearer. The colors and shapes, as well as the composition (cotton, polyester) of the fabrics of our dragon hoodies are multiple. With our collection, you have the choice, some have a very fancy design, others are more streetwear. To vary the pleasures, you can also have a look at our dragon shirts.

Dragon Hoodies and Sweaters: A style you can feel good in

For many years, we perceived hoodies as sportswear. Today, however, they have become commonplace. Dragon Vibe® hoodies break the codes. They are full of joviality, originality, vigor and even strength. One could almost say that our Dragon Hoodies are alive!

Dragon prints, whether in the form of designs or other patterns, give the wearer of the garment a personality and a style that is unmatched.

Dragon hoodies and sweaters, a large choice

We offer a wide collection of Dragon Hoodies and Sweaters for men and women. Here are their characteristics:

  • They are available in many colors (black, white, dark gray, blue, red, purple, khaki...).
  • These hoodies have many printed or embroidered designs with different symbolism (e.g. the dragon with the precious ball, brings happiness, health and prosperity).
  • They embody many different styles: vintage, modern, sporty, fantasy, gothic, streetwear, Asian...
  • These products are available in a wide variety of sizes (S to XXXL)
  • We also offer the zipped hoodie model
  • These hoodies have several adjustments: slim fit, or loose fit.
  • And they are made of cotton (pleasant and comfortable), lycra (soft) or polyester (breathable and soft).

Chinese Dragon Hoodie

The Chinese dragon hoodie is special, the creature depicted in it is a symbol in its own right that carries many meanings. In Asia, the dragon is an omnipresent beast, highly appreciated, even venerated. The patterns and prints on the clothes are very colorful and original, they breathe the ancestral power of the animal. It brings good luck and positivity in your life. In the past, this very famous monster was present on imperial clothes. Seen as a sign of nobility, the dragon is truly a unique being.

The Chinese Dragon, and more broadly Asian, is a wonderful creature. He embodies a multitude of benefits: happiness, health, prosperity and success... In Asia, the Dragon is everywhere: in myths, on many buildings, on imperial garments... And to top it all off, in addition to being a symbol of nobility, it is also a symbol of sanctity, and is shrouded by the people: it is a sacred being.

Dragon prints on our hoodies often enjoy sparkling colors and designs that are out of the ordinary. They imbue their happy bearer with the boundless power of this famous millennial creature. Thus, a person who puts on a printed (or embroidered) Dragon Hoodie will see a flood of positive vibrations coming over him or her.

Why get a Dragon Hoodie?

The Dragon Hoodie is going to be the trendiest item in your wardrobe. Plus, it's very comfortable and practical. As such, this garment is warm and loose, it is a modern fashion item that every man and woman should own. Of course, you can easily wear a dragon hoodie at home, but you can also wear it on a casual weekend if you match it correctly with your outfit. Be sure to read these tips to set fire to our Dragon Hoodies :

  • Make the Dragon Hoodie your centerpiece for staying warm in the winter.
  • Combine the fancy style with other outerwear.
  • Choose one size larger if you like the oversize effect, for a looser and more comfortable style.
  • Pair your dragon hoodie with a leather or denim jacket for a stylish and trendy outfit.
  • Wear the dragon hoodie with a bomber jacket, or a parka for an urban and contemporary look.
  • Complete your outfit with jeans, sneakers or boots.

How do you select and put on a dragon hoodie?

Here are some precious tips that will help you to know how to choose and "marry" your Dragon Hoodie in the best possible way:

  • For a cozy winter at home, the Dragon Hoodie can be your best ally.
  • If you're an oversize fan, go for a larger size. Your printed (or embroidered) Dragon Hoodie will be looser and even more comfortable to wear.
  • Combine a denim (or leather) jacket with a dragon Hoodie for a stylish and fashionable look.
  • Combines the Dragon Hoodie with a Bomber-type jacket for a more urban style.
  • If you don't feel like getting into trouble with this or that style, you can wear simple clothes with your Hoodie: simple pants (jeans, jogging...) and sneakers, for example.