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Dragon Earrings

Match your best set with one of our Dragon Earrings. You're sure not to go unnoticed!

If spirits, ghosts and demons are the most famous creatures in mythology, they are not the only ones present in legends. Although poorly known, the dragon is one of the most emblematic creatures. To have its mark on your everyday life, you can opt for a dragon earring. Find more details on the subject in this article.

Why wear a dragon earring?

In today's society, the earring is no longer only for women. Indeed, for the style or for a question of fashion, men and women now wear earrings. Several reasons lead most people to wear them. Whether to brighten up your outfit, dress your face or enhance your hairstyle, these little accessories remain indispensable. In general, women own several pairs of earrings and do not deprive themselves of them under any circumstances.

Glittering and custom-made, dragon earrings can be given to all styles and continuously capture the light as you move. If they are so prized, it is precisely because of the finishing touch they bring and which makes the charm of your outfit. Dragon earrings come in many shapes, which makes them easier to harmonize with your style.

How do you wear your dragon earring properly?

Dragon earrings carry a particular message and style. They can be classic, casual, imposing or discreet. To wear them well, it is necessary to look for a harmony between the colors of the latter and your outfit. It is this last element that gives the look to your clothing. Wear them to perfect your style and fully affirm your attachment to dragons.

For the men who wonder on which side to wear a dragon earring, it is important to remember that everything is a cultural question. Earrings are often worn on one side only, but you can also wear them on both sides. They represent a big step towards a new stage in a teenager's life. In countries such as Italy, this type of accessory is considered a sign of strength and virility. So, if by tradition you are not forced to wear the earrings on one specific side, you can put them wherever you want.

If you opt for a single dragon earring, choose the one that is the most imposing. However, it will take several hours before you get used to the imbalance between your ears. After that, it will be more natural and only people very close to you will be able to notice your boldness.

The dragon earrings for children are based on a simple and refined design. This appearance allows them to fit any clothing. Indeed, the dragon earrings for children can not be changed as in adults. It is therefore necessary to choose a color that can always remain elegant.

Furthermore, they fit particularly well with our Dragon Bracelets to give you this unique look you're after.

How do you choose your dragon earring?

To choose a dragon earring, you have to take into account several criteria. With this accessory, everything is a question of form, that of the jewel and your face. The ideal, to be sure of your choice, is to be advised by a professional jeweler. Otherwise, just take a picture of you, then draw different shapes of dragon earrings to find the one that suits you best. With this trick, you will know if you need short or long ones.

For square, round or short faces, long and thin earrings will be more suitable. Otherwise, for people with a stretched and long face, they may prefer short earrings, but with large patterns. For these people, the shape of the earrings somehow compensates for the shape of the face.

Dragon earrings are designed to enhance your face and your outfit. So choose the shape carefully. Apart from the shape of the earrings, you should also focus on the color. Depending on the clothing on which you want to wear them, the earrings must harmonize with the rest of your body. They are often used to be either discreet or imposing. It is then up to you to choose them according to your style of clothing.

How do you clean your dragon earring?

After spending several days in your jewelry box, dragon earrings gradually lose their shine. Therefore, it is important to clean them before wearing them. For this, several techniques are often used and give very good results.

The best known technique is the use of hydrogen peroxide. This liquid is ideal for killing bacteria and restoring a new shine to dragon earrings. To use it, first wash your hands and then soak a piece of cotton with hydrogen peroxide. Then clean the earrings with the cotton ball, soak them in water for 5 to 10 minutes and let them dry before wearing them.

Apart from this technique, you can also use hot water. The latter consists of boiling water and then soaking the earrings in it. After a few minutes, you can take the jewellery out and rub them with a toothbrush to restore their elegance.

Available in many shapes and colors, the dragon earrings adapt to all styles. Whether you wish to remain discreet or on the contrary to impose your style, you will find the ones that suit you best. It is advisable to pay full attention to the shape of the dragon earring. Although color is an important factor in the choice, it is more advisable to have one that fits your face perfectly.