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Dragon Necklaces

Do you prefer Viking style, or Chinese mythology? Discover our selection of Dragon Necklaces.


Necklace, Pendant and Amulet: personality and emotion

Occupying a major place in the clothing style, the necklace attracts all eyes. Parading in the middle of the chest, it is the jewel that is closest to the heart. This jewel is therefore the vector of emotion and personality above all else.

In addition to its emotional symbolism, the pendant is a fabulous way to transport a memory or a spirituality in space and time.

Sometimes, a pendant or necklace is also seen as a piece of jewelry that brings good luck.

Dragon Necklace, meaning and inspiration

Embodying the majesty of the mythical dragon, the Dragon Vibe® necklaces are distinguished by the character and strength they exude.

Fusing ferocity, power, but also delicacy and generosity, the dragon is a creature that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. It takes on sometimes diametrically opposed meanings, depending on the place and the time. Thus, it can be said that it is an absolute being.

The dragon has been stimulating the inventiveness of jewelers for a very long time.

Elevated to the rank of earthly and spiritual power, the dragon confers all its vitality and ardor to its wearer through a necklace.

From the necklace decorated with a well-stocked medallion, to the Gothic, Viking, Chinese, Celtic, punk or biker style pendant, to the much purer and more refined pendants, the collection of Dragon Vibe® necklaces is extremely dense and vast. It renews the classic jewelry, by imprinting its unique touch to each of its creations.

Dragon Necklace for her

To enhance a cleavage, the captivating curves of the dragon find no competition around them. A clever blend of charm and ardor, the dragon necklace is the jewel that every woman of character should have around her neck.

Mocking trends and fashions, the draconic shape has exalted passions since the dawn of time.

The dragon necklace for women allows free ladies, who are not afraid of other people' s gaze, to express their burning femininity, and to be at the center of all attentions.

The mystical power of a Dragon Vibe® necklace will only reveal its full aura when it adorns the neck of a seductive and voluptuous woman, with an indomitable soul and burning emotions. In three words: The Femme fatale.

Dragon Necklace for him

One of the features that characterize the dragon is its overflowing energy. It is this same masculine vigor (Yin) that has built entire civilizations.

This energy is so powerful that it must be harnessed and channeled to serve the interests of humanity.

Thus, having a dragon necklace around one's neck symbolizes will, power and intelligence.

Like the dragon, the wearer of such a relic will develop the ability to keep his or her cool, while being endowed with an extraordinary will to move forward.

Our men's necklaces have a design that reflects power. Each dragon pendant is intended to be a talisman that embodies the desire for success that every man has deep inside.


The necklaces of the Dragon Vibe® are designed and brought into the world with love and craftsmanship. This allows us to offer you a range of authentic and unique products.

We are well aware that such an original necklace is crucial to your style.

Therefore, in order to have the best products, we are in close contact with our suppliers. Moreover, we carry out precise, rigorous and periodic quality controls so that the standard of our products is not left to chance.

The composition of the Dragon Necklaces

Whatever their composition, the Dragon Vibe® necklaces do not cause any allergy.

Our jewels are certified free of nickel or other hazardous elements. Thanks to their pure alloys, the skin is not damaged.

Most of our pendants are made using one of the three materials that we will present below.

In addition, we also offer necklaces with round obsidian beads.

Robustness: 316L stainless steel Dragon Necklace

316L stainless steel, also known as surgical steel, is an unshakable and resistant metal. This high-end steel is the strongest steel found in goldsmith's and silversmith's shops.

The specificity of this alloy, composed of chromium and steel, is that it can be worked to shine (like silver and gold) or to be blackened. All this without damaging the intrinsic properties of this material.

A stainless steel necklace will stand the test of time: its color and hue will not fade. In addition, unlike silver and some steel alloys, 316L steel does not naturally blacken.

Thus, a pendant made of 316L stainless steel is a jewel cut to withstand the roughness of life over the long term.

Majesty: 925 Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace

Sterling Silver, otherwise known as 925 Silver, is a rare and refined material. It is very often used for rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and jewelry of all kinds.

This noble alloy is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is made from materials that give the jewelry resistant characteristics, such as copper and zinc.

Some pendants of the Dragon Vibe® are made of rhodium-plated silver. Basically, this means that a thin layer of rhodium covers these jewels. It is a precious and unusual metal, which gives the necklaces a smooth and polished appearance. As a result, the necklaces have a brighter, more brilliant hue.

Armed with a delicate shiny color, a 925 silver pendant is perfect to gracefully embellish one's style with softness, elegance and subtlety.

It is necessary to note that silver darkens over time. This does not mean that it is mediocre. It is simply the manifestation of one of its intrinsic properties.

The speed of this blackening depends on several factors. In order to preserve the splendor of your jewel as long as possible, we invite you to follow the following recommendations: keep your pendant out of reach of perspiration, water, perfumes or creams.

Brilliant: Dragon Necklace with zirconium

Zirconium, which should not be mistaken with the natural stone called zircon or with rhinestone crystals, adorns some of our designs.

Made by humans, this semi-precious stone is extremely popular in the jewelry galaxy, particularly because of its physical similarity to diamond.

It can embody various colors: emerald, sapphire, ruby or amethyst.

Cubic zirconium oxide, used in some Dragon Vibe® necklaces, is the second best diamond substitute, just behind the moissanite stone, because of its prodigious brilliance.

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