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Who said only children are allowed to dress up? With this Yellow Dragon Ninja Costume, you too can become the stealthy, lone warrior you've always dreamed of being!

The path to mastering the Ninja arts is long and perilous. Moving in the shadows, thwarting traps set by the enemy, being silent in the night are the basic techniques of the Ninja. Your opponents should never be able to sleep soundly. At any time you could appear from an unexpected place and throw shurikens at them. Or you could use your sword, or your kusarigama. You could also drop a smoke bomb and attack from behind. Because a true Ninja is always unpredictable!

  • Safe for the children : no irritants nor toxic materials
  • For children aged 5+ years
  • Ideal for Birthdays, Halloween, or theme parties
  • Washing: By hand with cold water, dry flat, do not iron
  • Comfortable to wearodorless
  • Material: 100% Polyester

Costume includes:

  • Jumpsuits
  • Rompers

Weapons not included!

Yellow Dragon Ninja Costume

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