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Dragon Hand Puppet for Sale

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This Dragon Hand Puppet is for Sale, so you won't miss the opportunity to frighten your friends with. They won't be able to dodge it, with that huge jaw and those sharp teeth!

  • Natural rubber: safe for children and environment-friendly
  • Soft silicone: very comfortable to wear and play with
  • Hand painted: very detailed and realistic figure
  • Suitable for children aged 6 and over
  • Dimensions: about 20 cm (7.87 in)
  • Perfect Gift: Dragon hand puppets are suitable for both boys and girls, this is a great choice for the Dragon obsessed child in your life. Ideal for birthdays, children parties, special occasions, play groups, nursery and school.
  • Hand puppets are a perfect way for kids to enjoy interactive and educational play. Puppets also encourage children to actively use their imagination.
  • The hand puppet's mouth can be open and close by moving the fingers and make endless facial expressions due to the super soft stretchy rubber. Kids will have great fun scaring their friends with these realistic Dragon hand puppets.

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