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Turtle Shop 🐢 Because some reptiles are so cute!

Turtle Shop 🐢 Because some reptiles are so cute!

Did you know that turtles are of the same prehistoric lineage as dinosaurs? Or maybe even dragons? 😃 First of all, let me quickly describe turtles to you. They are fascinating animals because of their primitive appearance and their ease of adaptation to different natural environments, from the Russian steppes to the tropical seas. These animals have a much more developed lifestyle than one might think at first sight. 330 different species and numerous subspecies spread over four continents. Turtles have thus evolved over millions of years and can be terrestrial, aquatic or marine.

At Turtle Store, they are working with a true dedication to their values. This family, passionate about turtles, makes true works of art. Their design is sometimes inspired by old traditions, and sometimes by a more modern style. Turtle Store is run by a team that understands what this animal represents. That's why we are supporting them. We love in particular their rings!

Turtle T-shirt 

"Tell me what you are wearing and I will tell you who you are." The Turtle-Store brings all the looks related to the turtle. Feel free to create your own style, there are thousands of ways to stand out! Are you more a "Turtle fan" or do you prefer "Save the turtles"? It will be impossible for you not to find your outfit and impose your fashion. Among the large choice of apparels, we are particularly fond of the Save the Sea T-Shirt, we love its festive and colorful look, with a strong message for the planet! Perfectly fitted, to wear over your favorite jeans or under a jacket for a quirky look, it will definitely make you stand out.

Turtle Hoodies

The Turtle Hoodies: that's classy. A must-have if you love turtles and if you wish to express your support. Ultra comfortable, it is without a doubt THE half-season garment to have in your closet. Look around you… it's everywhere! And icing on the cake: it goes to everyone! And if you haven't dared to look yet, we bet you'll do it very quickly after a little visit to Turtle Store. Their selection of hoodies is a real playground for expressing your desires and your style. We've chosen our favorite: this Save the Sea Hoodie.

Turtle Bracelet

Want to wear a bracelet with character on your wrist? The Turtle Bracelet collection comes in a variety of styles. Made of leather or silver, their bracelets are designed after some famous creatures such as this Leather Sea Turtle Bracelet

Turtle Ring

Wearing a turtle ring is a sign of great distinction and affection. Thanks to their outstanding selection, you'll find well-crafted rings made with precision and care. Some of them are of legendary importance, such as the Moving Turtle Ring, that moves forward by sticking his neck out!

Turtle Necklace

Their Turtle Necklace collection contains pendants with mystical power and adorned with precious stones… These pieces of jewelry are well-balanced, conceived with the right proportions, and display exquisite details. They are handmade with special attention to details, and in the purest respect of handcraft traditions. By wearing such necklace, you are showing a sign of protest against the invaders of the oceans! In effect, Turtle necklaces are an accessory of character!

No doubt about it, when it comes to fashion or accessories, Turtle Store is a name to be remembered! Whether you are a turtle fan, a protector of the earth, or worried about the endangered species, you won't regret the trip, we guarantee it. The people behind Turtle Store are a team of passionate turtle lovers who make the well-being and the lifespan of these beautiful creatures their mission.

Their online shop accepts all the most popular payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal. After passing an order, you can track your parcel, directly on their website. It is always possible to return the item if it is faulty, and a team is there to answer all your questions via email or Messenger. Best of all, the shipping costs are free! You're in for it and want more and more? Go to the Turtle Store!

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