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Toothless the Black Dragon

Toothless is the last survivor of the extinction of the Night Furies and one of the protagonists of the "How to Train your Dragon" franchise.

The attack of a Night Fury terrorizes the hearts of the Vikings. Toothless launches plasma jets with great precision from a long distance. Once extremely feared, Toothless is the only known Night Fury and the first dragon to be tamed. Over the years, he has become the Alpha of the dragons of Berk. Highly intelligent, loyal and affectionate, Hiccup considers him a brother. Toothless is playful and intelligent with a puppy-like energy. 🐶

Last known Night Fury, Toothless is the best friend of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and the current King of Dragons in and around the Barbarian Archipelago and on Berk Island. He is the most powerful dragon known and is famous with Hiccup for ending the war between the Vikings and the dragons and for uniting the two species. He is also the one who brought the dragons of Berk to the Hidden World, the ancestral home of all dragons, where he will eventually remain forever.

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What does Toothless look like?

Toothless gets its name from its teeth, which are retractable. It has black scales all over its body, with small light spots on its flanks in a pattern similar to a manta ray or even a black panther. Toothless also has two pairs of wings (a main pair and a smaller pair near the base of its tail). It lacks its tail fin on the left side, which it lost when Hiccup shot Toothless with his Mangler Cannon. This was later replaced by a mechanical fin that Hiccup built himself.

Toothless has a fairly large scar on his right shoulder. He also has two scars on his left front leg which can be seen in "How to Train Your Dragon 2". These wounds are a souvenir of a fight with a Razorwhip dragon, during which he was slashed by his tail. His eyes are bright green and are located very close to the front of his face, giving him excellent depth perception and reflexes in flight. It can reduce its pupils to slits when threatened or angry, much like a cat. 🐱 However, when he is docile or happy, his pupils dilate and become more dog-like.

The spines on its head and front legs have become slightly longer (most likely with age). He also has three new sets of extra plates growing on his lower jaw. He also appears to have a series of elongated spines along his back that help him make tight turns. Toothless didn't know them, as there were no other Night Furies to show him this ability, but they were revealed by Hiccup's mother Valka. Toothless became more and more friendly as he spent his time with Hiccup. It is also revealed by Valka that Toothless is the same age as Hiccup, twenty-three years old. This may be another reason why the duo get along so well.

Toothless personality, dog or cat?

Toothless is the smartest of all the dragons and seems to have a certain sense of humor, similar to that of Hiccup. When Hiccup released him, he didn't kill him because he felt goodness in Hiccup. He only had a few doubts, which prevented him from letting Hiccup approach him for a few days.

He doesn't like to be offended or endanger his human friend, but he is usually playful and even a bit teasing when he is not threatened. He shows great curiosity, imitating Hiccup's actions and manners. He is also able to understand Hiccup's words and orders and to agree with some of what he says. It is demonstrated that he has become aware of Hiccup's relationship with Astrid, even seeming to tease him briefly about it.

Toothless is sometimes brazen, a bit like Hiccup. He is not easily intimidated and his bold bravado can sometimes get him into trouble. He doesn't hesitate to use force to achieve his goals, unlike Hiccup, but will usually refrain when told to do so.

Toothless also has a jealous side, as he didn't like Torch the Typhoomerang monopolizing the attention Hiccup gave him. 😠

Overall, the greatest attributes of Toothless' personality are found in his relationship with Hiccup. Equally protective and loyal, he never hesitates to risk his own life when Hiccup is in danger and is more than affectionate when time demands. His sense of dedication is also evident in protecting Hiccup's allies and other friends. Toothless showed some of Hiccup's personality when fighting Sleuther. Seeing the fear in the other dragon's eyes reminded him of Hiccup, the time he was spared by him.

Toothless, although he cannot speak, shows a lot of emotion through his many facial expressions and body language. It has even been shown that Toothless makes a hilarious noise and often gives a few critical glances if he doesn't like the appearance of something.

What is Toothless capable of?

As a Night Fury, Toothless has many abilities. He is the fastest dragon known to man and can fire plasma-based flames that are power-controllable. He can camouflage itself easily, especially at night. Fast in the air and on the ground, few can match him, except for one or two other species of dragons. He can echo-locate and swim well, although he cannot swim indefinitely.

He is also strong enough to carry a Monstrous Nightmare, a much larger dragon, in its talons in flight. He has also defeated much larger dragons, including the Red Death and Drago's Bewilderbeast in battle, adding to his physical prowess. He is likely to be by far the most powerful of all the dragons, given all his exploits alongside Hiccup. Toothless also possesses the ability to become invisible. By producing lightning bolts through his body, then firing a plasma shot and passing through it, his scales temporarily acquire the ability to reflect light. This allows him to reflect the environment around him, much like a chameleon.

Toothless saliva is an excellent adhesive substance and is not easily washed away. His teeth are retractable and his jaw is very powerful. His hearing and sense of smell are also superb.

Toothless' intelligence is unsurpassed and he is creative and strategic. He possesses many qualities and abilities to lead other dragons, which eventually allows him to become the Alpha Dragon and later the King of all dragons. It is also shown that he can understand much of what is said to him and react accordingly, another indication of his great intelligence.

Toothless has very few weaknesses, but is sensitive to the effects of the dragon root (which can lead most dragons to madness). He is also allergic to eels, can be poisoned by blue oleander flowers, and is affected by the grimora parasites, which make him act wild and almost rabid.

Toothless in "How to Train Your Dragon"

Where did he come from?

Toothless' beginnings are unknown, but it is assumed that he lived in the Dragon's Nest ruled by the Red Death with all the other dragons that were going to attack Berk. It would have hatched about 15 years before the events of How To Train Your Dragon. He became the last male Night Fury because of Grimmel the Grisly, the dragon hunter, who was tracking and driving his species to near extinction.

As the only Night Fury, Toothless remained elusive in battle, making strategic and deadly strikes against Viking weapons rather than stealing food like the others. Hiccup, needing to prove himself to his community of Berk, managed to shoot Toothless with his hand-made cannon and knock him from the sky.

Hiccup shooting with his cannon

During the accident, Toothless lost his left tail aileron, leaving him forever disabled in his flying abilities. Hiccup then follows his trail until he meets the dragon, unconscious, and Hiccup inadvertently wakes him up. As Hiccup prepares to rip Toothless's heart out and return it to his father, he is disturbed to see how frightened the powerful creature is. As he looks into the dragon's eyes, Hiccup sees himself and his own fear.

Can Toothless be tamed?

So, Hiccup is unable to kill Toothless and starts cutting the ropes instead. Surprised to be freed, Toothless throws himself at the young Viking, but instead of killing Hiccup, he simply roars loudly and tries to fly out of his sight. Hiccup having been spared in this way, understands that dragons are not always murderous creatures.

Although he has escaped death, Toothless finds himself stuck in a cove, unable to fly because of his damaged tail and therefore unable to escape. Knowing that the dragon is still alive, Hiccup discovers the cove and watches him try to catch fish and try to fly away. Hiccup will later return to where Toothless is waiting for him. Although suspicious of the Viking, Toothless becomes relatively docile after Hiccup offers him fish. Meanwhile, Hiccup unwittingly gives his name to Toothless when he discovers that the dragon has retractable teeth.

The hungry dragon takes the offer and regurgitates half of it into Hiccup's lap, deciding to "share" with him. Hiccup plays along and pretends to smile to hide his disgust. Curious about this mannerism, Toothless embarks on a confused and comical attempt to smile. Hiccup is impressed by the dragon's intelligence and tries to touch him. Toothless is not interested and flies away.

Hiccup touching Toothless for the first time

After waking up from a nap, Toothless notices that Hiccup is still in the cove. Once again, to Hiccup's astonishment, Toothless shows his intelligence by drawing a maze of doodles and lines in an attempt to imitate the boy and attract him. Hiccup eventually leans forward to touch the dragon again. But when Toothless leans back and grunts, Hiccup keeps his hand open and closes his eyes in an act of trust, letting the dragon decide whether or not to close the gap. Amazed by the boy's bravery, Toothless tilts his head forward and gently touches Hiccup's hand with his snout before moving away. ✋

Hiccup, knowing that Toothless is doomed to failure if he is unable to fly again, begins working on a prosthetic tail fin for him. Their first flight attempt ends in failure when Toothless realizes that he needs Hiccup to operate on him. During countless test flights, Hiccup designs new prostheses, each attempt bringing the boy and the dragon closer together. Between these test flights, Hiccup discovers the funny and curious nature of Toothless and uses his new knowledge of the dragon's behaviour to his advantage in his training.

Toothless, the funny dragon

For this reason, Hiccup becomes remarkably popular, to the great displeasure of his compatriot Astrid. Hiccup and Toothless, now very close in their interactions, make their first proper test flight. Although they temporarily hit a snag and almost crash, they both focus on each other and instinctively manage to perform amazing maneuvers in full flight. The flight is a success and both Hiccup and Toothless are ecstatic. 😄

When Hiccup later leads Astrid to the cove after she was beaten in the final event, Toothless shows her protective side by assuming she is a threat after she injured Hiccup. It's only through Hiccup's words that he manages to calm down, although Toothless remains suspicious of her. When Astrid threatens to denounce the friendship between Hiccup and Toothless in the village, Toothless kidnaps her and throws her in a tree to prevent her from doing so.

Astrid's first flight on Toothless

Hiccup invites her to a flight to show her that Toothless is not dangerous. But the Night Fury is not convinced that Astrid is trustworthy and commits daring actions to scare her. After she apologizes, Toothless follows Hiccup's words and smoothens his flight. He gives Astrid and Hiccup a beautiful "dragon's eye view" of Berk and the beauty of the moment breaks Astrid's long-held beliefs about dragons.

Toothless and the Red Death

Unfortunately, Toothless's connection with the other dragons becomes apparent when he hears a strange call and diverts their flight to a huge herd carrying a large amount of food. Hiccup and Astrid soon find themselves inside the Dragon's Nest, discovering that the monstrous Red Death effectively holds the dragons hostage with their booty and devours those who do not make satisfactory offerings.

A swarm of dragons escape from the cave fleeing the Red Death. Then, Astrid wonders why Hiccup doesn't dare to talk to his father, Stoick the Vast, about the Dragon's Nest. Hiccup answers her that he intends to keep the secret to protect Toothless. This has earned him Astrid's admiration and friendship. Toothless looks at Hiccup, suggesting to his rider that Astrid might like him.

The next day, Toothless hears Hiccup shouting from afar in the bay. Realizing that his fellow is in danger, Toothless manages to get out of the cove and immediately rushes to Hiccup's side to protect him from the dragon that is going to kill him, and he quickly defeats it. He refuses to leave his friend's ranks, even when the Vikings finally join in the fight and unite against him. He threatens to kill Stoick, Hiccup's father, but only stops when Hiccup yells at him. The Night Fury lets his guard down long enough to be captured. After scolding Hiccup for befriending the dragon and learning from Hiccup that only a dragon can find the Nest, Stoick chained Toothless and used him as a compass to find it.

Toothless on Stoik's boat

Despite the Vikings' initial sense of victory, the Red Death suddenly bursts out of the Nest and Toothless' boat is set on fire in the ensuing battle. Hiccup, along with the other Vikings on their own dragons, arrive to save him until the Red Death smashes the ship into pieces. Hiccup then dives into the water in a desperate attempt to free Toothless, but faints from lack of air. To Toothless' surprise, Stoick dives back into the water to free him, and the dragon brings the Viking back to the surface with him. With a roar of encouragement, Hiccup and Toothless team up to defeat the Red Death.

The two men find themselves in the clouds, chased by the huge dragon, but eventually they lose the Red Death. They attack it again and again, leaping its wings from the hidden safety of the cloud cover. As he blows fire everywhere, angry at their loss and angry at their continued attacks in the darkness, Toothless' prosthetic tail catches fire, leaving them little time to act. Toothless leads the Red Death in a dive to the ground. Then, at Hiccup's signal, just as the giant dragon was about to spew fire, Toothless shot a plasma fireball directly into its mouth. The huge creature crashes into the ground and explodes.

Although they try to escape the flames chasing them, the loss of the tail fin leaves Hiccup and Toothless unable to avoid a collision with the Red Death's tail. As a result, Hiccup gets knocked out of Toothless' back. Seeing his human friend fall to his fiery death, Toothless bravely dives into the explosive body of the Red Death to save him. To the relief of Stoick and Astrid, Toothless is able to save Hiccup's life by wrapping him in his wings, but is unable to prevent Hiccup's left leg from being burned off.

Toothless, a Hiccup mirror?

After returning home, Toothless is delighted when Hiccup wakes up. Feeling the shock of losing part of his limb, he helps Hiccup walk with his new prosthesis. The two are now evenly matched, having each lost a part of themselves. After Hiccup discovers that Berk has taken the dragons as their companions, Toothless receives a new tail fin from Gobber and flies back into the sky with his friend.

Hiccup's leg prosthesis

Toothless in "How to Train Your Dragon 2"

Flying with Toothless: always going further!

Hiccup is exploring with his Night Fury, Toothless, in order to draw a complete map of the Archipelago, with his girlfriend, Astrid. ❤

During one of their adventures, they meet a dragon trapper named Eret, son of Eret. He captures dragons for a mad conqueror named Drago Bludvist, whose goal is to take control of the dragons and then the world.

Astrid, Stormfly, Hiccup and Toothless fly away in search of Eret and his trappers. They find him on his boat, where Hiccup tries to show Eret how incredible the dragons are, but before Hiccup can convince him, the boat is attacked by the other Dragon Riders, Stoik and Gobber.

Eret, son of Eret

Hiccup and Toothless fly over a huge sea of clouds, and the young Viking vent his frustration with his father by howling angrily at the sky. But, as he lies down on Toothless, a disturbing noise alerts them. They then distinguish in the clouds a strangely dressed dragon rider, who doesn't seem to be from Berk. The dragon rider suddenly appears out of the clouds, standing on a Thundering Thunder. As the two dragon riders face each other, a third dragon emerges from the clouds and snatches Hiccup from Toothless' back. Toothless falls into the icy water, unable to stay in the air without the help of his dragon rider. And while Hiccup is taken by the dragons and the strange dragon rider and begs them to go and save Toothless, he is attacked by Sea Horrors that pull him into the depths.

A decisive encounter

Hiccup is taken to a cave. The strange dragon rider approaches Toothless, and is surprised when he sees the scar on Hiccup's chin. He then calls Hiccup by his name, takes off his helmet, revealing at the same time that she is a woman. Hiccup then asks her if he is supposed to know her, to which she replies that it is normal that he does not remember her, but that a mother cannot forget her child.

Hiccup's mother, named Valka, shows him an incredible dragon sanctuary, containing hundreds of dragons that she saved. Valka explains that she tried to protect the dragons, but nobody listened to her, and how, hesitating to fight them, she almost caused the death of Hiccup and Stoik. That's why she stayed away after the dragons brought her here, even though it broke her heart. 💔

A dragon under an influence

They decide to go back to Berk. But Drago has also followed them to the island and unveils his secret weapon: another Alpha dragon, bigger and stronger. A titanic battle ensues in which the two Alpha dragons will confront each other and the outcome will be the death of the Ice Beast of Valka. Drago's dragon then takes command of all the other dragons, including Toothless, who will be forced to turn against Hiccup. As the Night Fury prepares to fire a deadly plasma ball at Hiccup, Stoik steps in and takes it in his place.

Toothless hypnotized

Toothless, under the control of the Alpha, joins Drago's army, made up of all the dragons that were present on the island. Still under his control through the Ice Beast, Toothless lets Drago ride him and leaves to lead the final invasion of Berk with his brand new army.

Toothless liberated!

Valka, Gobber, Astrid and the Dragon Riders work together to distract the huge creature while Hiccup tries to get Toothless out of his hypnotic trance. He succeeds to Draco's surprise, who orders the Alpha to regain control immediately. To avoid this, Hiccup decides to blindfold Toothless. Soon after, they both find themselves frozen by one of the shots of the gigantic beast. While everyone thinks they are dead, Toothless takes on a new form, his so-called Alpha form, exploding the ice that traps them.

Toothless the new Alpha

Feeling a new power, Toothless defies the Alpha by roaring and attacking him with plasma balls. All the dragons, until then controlled by the huge creature, are released from its grip and join the Berkians in their final attack against Drago.

The final battle in "How to Train your Dragon 2"

Enraged, Draco orders the Alpha to attack, but Toothless does the same, and the dragon hunter sees his entire army turn against him, flooding his dragon with a torrent of fiery fire. A shot from Toothless shatters one of the Ice Beast's defenses, reinforcing its domination, and the huge, frightened creature retreats into the ocean, with Drago still on its back. The battle is finally over!

Toothless in "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World"

A dragon's love

Hiccup dreams of finding the mythical "Hidden World", a safe haven for dragons. Warlords call upon a dragon hunter, Grimmel the Grave, to get rid of Hiccup and his dragon, as they are hindering them in their dragon trading activities. A female white dragon is then offered to Grimmel as bait.

A light fury

The female, named Light Fury by Astrid, will be seen again some time later in the woods around Berk, after Toothless has followed her there. She will flee by sensing the presence of Hiccup who was on Toothless' tracks. Hiccup and Tuffnut later discovered dragon traps around where Toothless followed the Light Fury. By showing one of the darts from the trap to Eret, son of Eret, they will learn that it was set by Grimmel.

The trap

That night, Grimmel visited Hiccup in his hut, but Hiccup, having learned of the hunter's ruse, had planned an ambush to capture him. Unfortunately, Grimmel managed to escape and set fire to Hiccup's house.

As a result, Hiccup, realizing how insecure Berk is, unites the citizens and dragons of Berk in a journey to find the Hidden World.

During the journey, the Berkians discover an island on which they intend to rest, but soon they decide to settle there, if only temporarily. Hiccup, resigned to staying on the island, again follows Toothless into the woods, himself in search of the Light Fury. Hiccup arrives on a beach, where he remains hidden and observes his dragon's clumsy attempts to seduce the Light Fury. After the Light Fury has flown away, Toothless finds himself alone on the beach, unable to follow her because of his missing rudder. Seeing this, Hiccup decides to create a rudder for Toothless that he can fly without his help. After receiving it, the Night Fury flies away to join the Light Fury.

Toothless prisoner

Meanwhile, Astrid and Hiccup set off in search of Toothless. Along the way, they discovered the Hidden World. Inside, they find the Night Fury and the Light Fury who seems to play the role of King of Dragons. But the Dragon Riders are spotted and Toothless is forced to intervene to save the two Vikings. Once on their new island, Hiccup begins to realize that the dragons and the Vikings may not be meant to live together. But his thoughts are interrupted by the attack of Grimmel, who had followed Ruffnut here and captured Toothless and the Light Fury.

Toothless and Light Fury prisoners

Toothless is forced to order the island dragons not to attack and to follow Grimmel, who threatens to kill the Light Fury. The Berkians find themselves alone, without dragons. With Astrid's encouragement, Hiccup leaves with the Dragon Riders to stop Grimmel and his army. Thanks to flight suits that allow them to glide, they reach their ships and manage to take the enemy by surprise.

During the battle, Grimmel's Deathgrippers are put out of action and his fleet is decimated. Hiccup manages to free Toothless, but the Dragon Hunter escapes on the back of the Light Fury, which he controls with a special harness that injects the Deathgrippers' poison. Hiccup sets off in pursuit, but Grimmel manages to put Toothless to sleep in mid-air with poisoned darts. Hiccup, having managed to reach the hunter, asks the Light Fury to save his dragon, then drops himself and Grimmel into the sea. But the Light Fury, after managing to bring Toothless back to land, returns to save Hiccup from certain death, while Grimmel continues his deadly fall.

The separation

Once the battle is won and back on the island, Hiccup fully realizes that the dragons will probably never be safe in the human world, unlike the Hidden World, where they really belong. After a heart-wrenching farewell, Toothless and the Light Fury lead all the dragons of Berk to the Hidden World.

Hiccup and Toothless saying Goodbye

Some time later, the Berkians settle permanently on New Berk and celebrate the marriage of Hiccup and Astrid.

Years later, Hiccup and Astrid, with their two children, Zephyr and Nuffink, sail to the Hidden World to visit Toothless, the Light Fury and Stormfly. They meet Toothless' three little ones and Hiccup swears that the Berkians will keep the secret of the dragons' existence until their world is ready to welcome them. 🐲

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