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Dragon in Shrek

As you know, dragons are fantastic creatures that populate legends and tales from all over the world.

Especially in Europe, the dragon gets very bad press. It spits fire, destroys everything in its path and can catch anything that moves with its sharp claws.

And yet, in the West, there is a dragon, or rather a nice dragoness! It is one of the main characters of the animated film Shrek, released in 2001.

Dragon, the dragon in Shrek

We remind you that we already talked about the dragon of Shrek, in the 7 Dragons that we remember in cartoons. But here, we're going to go into a lot more detail.

To know everything about the dragon from the movie Shrek, let's discover right now the 5 keys to know.


1. Shrek, a modern and parodical fairy tale

Shrek is an animated film made in computer graphics, and released in 2001. It is an adaptation of the book Shrek by William Steig, published in 1990.

It is a parody of a fairy tale. Indeed, the main character is an ugly and disgusting ogre who lives in a swamp. His territory is invaded overnight by creatures expelled by Lord Farquaad, including the talking donkey who later becomes his best friend.

The ogre Shrek decides to complain to the lord. The lord agrees to rid Shrek of the creatures, if he releases Princess Fiona, whom the Lord wishes to marry. The Princess is held prisoner in a tower guarded by a terrible dragon!

Shrek and Princess Fiona

2. The Dragon

The dragon guarding the tower in which Princess Fiona is trapped is actually a dragonness, but we won't know that until much later.

In any case, it is a terrible creature, gigantic and fire-breathing. Its back and tail are covered with fearsome thorns. Its body is purple and its eyes are green. On each cheek, three horns defy anyone who dares approach it. Her belly is plump and her tail colossal.

The donkey fears the dragon and the ogre Shrek doesn't care. Yet, when they arrive in the dungeon, human remains are there to testify to the monster's ferocity!

Note that the dragon does not speak.

Dragon, a ferocious beast

3. The role of the dragon in the plot

As soon as Shrek is given the mission to rescue Princess Fiona, he is informed that she is guarded by a terrible dragon.

On his way to the tower, the donkey keeps talking about it, expressing his fears. The green ogre, for his part, has only one idea in mind, to arrive as quickly as possible and accomplish his mission to recover his marsh and his comfort.

Upon arriving in the tower, the donkey comes face to face with the eye of the dragon. The dragon is very aggressive and attacks the two intruders. While the donkey is trapped and ready to be eaten, it pulls down its last card: to flatter the dragon. And that's when he understands that the dragon is actually a dragonness.

The dragon is charmed by the donkey's compliments and is moved. Meanwhile, Shrek manages to find Fiona. On his way out, he traps the dragon and everyone escapes.

The dragon reappears only at the end of the movie, when Shrek needs a quick way to get to the Far Far Far Far Kingdom to prevent the marriage between Fiona, whom he is in love with, and Lord Farquaad.

Dragon blows fire

4. The idyll of the donkey and the dragon

The donkey and the dragon are living a true love story in Shrek.

As he is about to be devoured by the dragon in the tower, the donkey manages to charm her by flattering her. She lets her guard down and makes sweet eyes at him.

She takes her suitor to a less exposed place to coo while Shrek looks for Princess Fiona. Shrek takes advantage of this intimate moment to trap the dragon and take her prisoner. She cries out in desperation when the donkey, Fiona and Shrek run away.

She will not hold this betrayal to the donkey, since she will come to his aid when Shrek needs it.

At the end of the movie, Donkey and Dragon appear more in love than ever and even exchange a kiss!

Dragon in flight with her friends

5. The wrist strap in the next Shrek

In the continuation of Shrek's adventures, the dragoness is always present.

From the first minutes of Shrek 2, we learn that Dragon is in a killing mood. Could she be a bad dragon again? The suspense will be unbearable, as we will have to wait until the end of the movie to find out the good news: Dragon has given birth to magnificent hybrids donkey-dragons in the greatest secrecy.

In Shrek 3 and Shrek 4, the dragon regains a more important place in the film and participates more in the adventures of Shrek, the talking donkey and Fiona.

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