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Seven name ideas for your dragon

Seven name ideas for your dragon

Dragons are powerful animals, legendary beasts that have never ceased to inspire other creatures and shine their own legend.

We marvel at the splendor of the dragon and the majesty of its shape. It is a creature that we admire and love to contemplate.

It has filled our imagination during our childhood and continues to do so to this day.

This huge and imposing creature can terrorize or be the most loyal adventure companion.

In this article, you will discover the many names your dragon can have. Once chosen, he will be your most loyal companion and your unfailing ally in all circumstances.

For this, we will not use a random name generator, but will be inspired by dragons that have marked history and folklore.

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1. Balaur

The dragon Balaur is part of Romanian mythology.

It is polycephalous: it can have three, seven, or even twelve reptilian heads.

In most Romanian fairy tales, Balaur is the incarnation of evil. He is usually defeated by Prince Charming, who thus frees the princess.

There are four forms of Balaur:

  • the Water Balaur who lives in the fountains of the villages,
  • the Earth one who lives far from the Armenian lands,
  • the Forger of precious stones,
  • and also the Balaur of the Air, who controls the clouds to make storms appear.

Your own Balaur is a powerful creature who harms no one and allows you to save the crops of the poor by triggering rain to water the fields.

By his side, you are a champion, a hero, the savior of a whole nation. He gives you confidence for the battles that mark your adventure.

Balaur Dragon

2. Rhaegal

The story of this dragon takes place in an imaginary world. The creatures mentioned are supposed to have existed, but have disappeared.

Three main plots are intertwined:

  • In the kingdom of the Seven Crowns, several nobles compete for the throne,
  • In the frozen lands to the north of the kingdom, a race of creatures believed to belong to the legends is awakening,
  • And on the eastern continent, the last heiress (of the Seven Crowns royal dynasty, overthrown fifteen years earlier) seeks to regain the throne.

This story, which inspired the hit series Games of Thrones, can also inspire you to name your dragon.

As a reminder, Rhaegal was hatched in the arms of the famous Daenerys Targaryen.

Rhaegal will be a loyal companion for you, happily accompanying you on your pursuit of the plotters. Through mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, he will guide you to the throne. You will then be able to fight with serenity and defeat your enemies, those ugly creatures that prevent you from traveling your kingdom.


3. Aithusa

The series that tells the story of the mythical magician's youth in the kingdom of Camelot and his relationship with King Arthur Pendragon, unveils the character of a mythical dragon, Aithusa, who has all the character of a faithful friend.

Charged by Kilgharrah, the great dragon imprisoned under the castle, to protect the future king, he must hide his powers in this era of terror against wizards, willed by King Uther Pendragon.

Naming your dragon Aithusa will make him a faithful friend who will accompany you in times of turmoil and give you unshakable confidence in your abilities to face this wicked world.

You will see him at your side whenever the need arises. He will assist you in battle and, from his high position, spit fire on your enemies as you slash them with your sharp sword.

His friendship is incredibly loyal. Even if he is not always present with you, his thoughts will accompany you in the difficult moments of your adventures.

You will discover all the happiness of having a dragon as a friend, of having one of these mythical creatures as a confidant and protector, which make everyone tremble.


4. King Ghidora

This dragon, introduced in the Japanese saga Godzilla, is the Asian prototype of the legendary monster that all the world' literature loves.

This dragon comes to the rescue of mankind, threatened by the monster Godzilla. The latter monster, with the appearance of a dinosaur, was spreading terror throughout the country. His devastation was unmitigated because of his evilness.

Having great pity for the humans, the dragon took their defense and opposed with rage and determination the destruction made by the monster.

If you name your dragon King Ghidora, you give him a mission to protect the earth. Today, the monsters that destroy it are as numerous and as bloodthirsty as those of the past. They are wicked and merciless. They no longer hide in caves, but have their faces uncovered and act with impunity.

Perhaps the Earth is waiting for a new dragon rider to rise up and defend it. Will you be that new dragon rider?

King Ghidorah

5. Vermithrax

In Dragonslayer, Vermithrax Pejorative is an old dragon who demanded at a certain period of time, a batch of young girls to sacrifice, in order to leave the inhabitants of the kingdom alone.

In a mixture of jealousy, betrayals and lies, the dragon was finally defeated, but the glory of his defeat did not go to the real actors. This dragon, though having played a negative role, can still inspire the name of your dragon.

The poetry in Vermithrax's name enchants and makes you forget all the bad aspects of the character. This dragon, although he has had a bad reputation, has a majesty in his movements and a haughty look.

Your dragon will be able to inherit this masterful presence and allow you to be one of the most powerful dragonriders of your time. Being a dragon rider today is no easy feat. You will be the only one who believes in the existence of your dragon. It will be invisible to everyone else, but it will be there in your imagination.

Today's dragon rider is a superhero who quietly watches over the world and keeps people safe. Your dragon will carry you on his wings and let you admire the wonders of your city. His fire and brimstone will spit on the evil beings who work to make this life ugly. His friendship is the most important to you.

Dragon Vermithrax

6. Phosphoria

The dragon's fire is prepared in its chest, then it spits it out in spurts or in a circular motion like a large garden hose. This function has a huge defensive advantage against aggression. Your dragon will be able to protect you from your enemies and constitute, as in the movies, a bulwark against adversity.

Phosphoria is the soldier who accompanies you on your quests. He is your most faithful companion. He carries you to the heights and shortens the distances. With him, you feel that the whole earth is a province of your kingdom. The friendship of a dragon is a wonderful thing that radiates happiness to you. You feel like you are a united and indivisible team.


7. Falkor

There is a reason why we chose this dragon as our website mascot. Falkor, the luck dragon, is the friend we always wanted to have. Present in difficult moments, he will be able, not only to arrange the most perilous situations, but to give us back our smile, thanks to his kindness and his humor.

Faithful companion, he is also the friend of the children thanks to his very soft coat and his playful and slightly facetious character.

Falkor is the one who arrives when you are lost in a dark corner of Fantasia, the one who just happens to intervene when all hope is about to be lost.

Falkor is the one who brings happiness in times of loneliness and sadness.

The dragon of luck will also be the one who, when faced with a dizzying problem, will whisper in your ear a surprising solution, as much for its originality as for its simplicity.

Finally, Falkor will frighten your enemies, making them flee from you forever!


8. Additional suggestions for names

Knowing that there have been dragons throughout the ages, and on all continents, there are many other possible names for your dragon.

For example, you can take inspiration from Viking mythology and call your dragon Fafnir or Nidhogg.

You can also take inspiration from Chinese myths and name your favorite creature Tian-long or Shen-Long.

If you are really out of inspiration, you can call it Komodo dragon or Varan.

Now, since we're being really nice, we'll give you one last list of popular dragon names:

  • The Male (in Reign of Fire),
  • Balerion (in Game of Thrones),
  • Toothless (Hiccup's dragon friend in How To Train Your Dragon),
  • Loch Ness (the famous monster),
  • Shenron (in Dragon Ball Z),
  • Basilisk (Dragon of the ancient and medieval times).

Loch Ness

9. The next step

After naming your dragon, you now have what is called the Dragon Vibe! By the way, don't hesitate to browse our site, you'll find lots of dragons with original names, as well as all the relics of dragons, even the most secret ones:

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So, keep the dragon close to your heart, train him, develop your love and complicity with him.

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