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5 Dragons from World of Warcraft you have to know

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5 Dragons from World of Warcraft you have to know

Dragons in the World of Warcraft universe are among the most powerful creatures. They are gigantic creatures, and can be divided into two categories: evil and neutral. Indeed, few dragons will help the races of Azeroth without at least asking for it. Dragons have been around since the dawn of time, created by the Titans to protect Azeroth. These first dragons, called Aspects, are five in number:

  • Alexstrasza, the Life Carrier (Aspect of Life), leads the Red Dragonflight.
  • Deathwing/Neltharion, the Guardian of the Earth (now Thrall, the Universal Shaman), leads the Black Dragonflight.
  • Malygos (now Kalecgos), the Hand of Magic (Aspect of Magic), leads the Blue Dragonflight from his lair in Northrend.
  • Nozdormu, the Timeless (Aspect of Time), leads the Bronze Dragonflight through the Caves of Time.
  • Ysera, the Dreamer, or the Awakened One in hour of twilight, leads the Green Dragonflight.

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Deathwing's son, Nefarian, attempts to create a new Dragonflight from the blood of all the others. These Dragons would be called Chromatic Dragonflight.

A little known Dragonflight also exists, the Infinite Dragonflight. These evil dragons are the sworn enemies of the Bronze Dragonflight, as they attempt to change the past by generally trying to kill entities that are supposed to become evil in the future.

There is also a rather mysterious Dragonflight that seems to be a variant of the Black Dragonflight called Twilight Dragonflight, created by Deathwing and Sinestra.

The Lich King also has his own Dragons, raised from the dead from the bones that litter the Plain of Dragon Desolation in Northrend. These undead dragons are called the Ice Wyrm. In addition, the Cult of the Damned has begun to create a plague-affected Dragonflight, the Pestiferous Dragonflight.

In addition, an undead Dragonflight called "Wyrm of Embers" evolves in the desolation of the dragon, they are derived from magma worms, raised in the mouth of Neltharion, and are derived from the Black Dragonflight.

There are also Proto-drakes, wild drakes apparently not belonging to any particular Dragonflight. An example is Veranus, the mount of Thorim, a blue proto-drake that has been transformed into Ulduar's Slice.

Finally, there is Netherwing's Dragonflight from Earthstone, black dragons transformed by the magic released by the destruction of Draenor.

1. Malygos


Malygos is the great dragon lord of the Blue Dragonflight and Guardian of Magic on Azeroth since the death of Galakrond. He is one of the original five Aspects, but now lives secluded far away in the frozen lands of Northrend.

a) The Dawn of Aspects

Once upon a time, when Azeroth was still whole and the Titans had long since left this world, Malygos was a simple ice-blue proto-drake with a much higher than average intelligence. He knew the terrible age when all proto-drakes had learned to fear the mighty Galakrond. He and a few proto-drakes (including those who would later become the Aspects) decided to fight the giant drake, motivated and helped in this by Tyr, the Guardian himself. Acting as a team, and while many drakes had perished and left the fight, the future Aspects eventually defeated Galakrond and received their powerful powers from the Titans; Norgannon himself giving his strength to Malygos.

The proto-drake then became one of the first dragons and was given the essential mission of guarding Azeroth from all Chaos.

b) The War of the Ancients

The War of the Ancients

Many millennia later, the race of the Night Elves aroused the interest of the Aspects and especially of the dragons of Blue Dragonflight. Indeed, Queen Azshara summoned armies of demons to her palace.

The Aspects came together and Neltharion, Aspect of the Earth, proposed to create a weapon of great power to defeat the armies of the Burning Legion. While the majority of the Aspects seemed doubtful, Malygos defended Neltharion's plan and managed to convince the Aspects to donate some of their powers to the Soul of Dragons.

Faced with the invasion of the demons, the Dragonflights, led by their lords, took part in the war alongside the rebel Night Elves. The one now called Deathwing attacked without distinction between elves and demons, causing extensive damage with the help of the artifact that the Dragonflights had created.

Riddled with remorse for having helped build the artifact, Malygos and his Dragonflight blindly attacked the Black Dragon, who unleashed the artifact against them. The Blue Dragonflight emerged terribly weakened. Malygos' companion, Sindragosa, was blasted to Northrend and perished there, a fate shared by many other dragons. Malygos came out of the confrontation seriously injured and only saved his life when the other Dragonflights intervened in extremis.

Taking refuge in the Nexus, Malygos healed his wounds and tried to re-form a powerful Dragonflight since the loss of his many children. He did not reappear on the scene until Alexstrasza's consorts Krasus told him of Deathwing's involvement in the plot against the Queen of Dragons. Still harbouring deep resentment against his former brother, and seeing the hope that the Aspect of Life could help him re-form his Dragonflight, the Spell-weaver took part in the battle.

We also know that Krasus managed to retrieve some blue dragon eggs during his journey back in time and after the slaughter secretly handed them over to the Aspect of Time, Nozdormu. He promised that he would watch over them and present the blue dragons to Malygos.

c) Wrath of the Lich King

Malygos, after long centuries of madness (following the loss of his companion), has regained his spirits. He realized the phenomenal amount of magicians roaming Azeroth, and manipulating with impunity the arcane energies, at the risk of attracting the Burning Legion once again. In his lair in Northrend, the Nexus, he declared a crusade against all spellcasters. With the help of his new Blue Dragonflight, he seeks to change the magical flows of Azeroth, which could lead to a gigantic catastrophe.

Shortly after the first attacks on Northrend, an agreement was formed between the Dragonflights and the deadly forces that had come to Northrend to prevent Malygos from achieving his goal.

Besieged within the Nexus, the Spell-Weaver fought hard, but was finally defeated. In rage, he destroyed his own sanctuary and, despite his phenomenal power, died under the sad gaze of helpless Alexstrasza.

"A great one has fallen today and a dark future awaits, for from now on no one watches the mysteries."

2. Onyxia


Onyxia was the daughter of the famous Deathwing and the matriarch of the Black Dragonflight. She is best known for having intrigued within the kingdom of Stormwind for many years under the identity of Katrana Prestor.

a) The story of Onyxia

Shortly before Deathwing's departure for Draenor, the latter ordered him to enslave the Black Horde at Blackrock Mountain with his brother Nefarian. After Draenor's destruction, his father returned to Azeroth and asked him to accompany him and his brother Nefarian to the court of Lordaeron in human form. Together, they worked to weaken the Lordaeron Alliance by creating dissension between each member kingdom. When her father was forced to retreat after the battle of Grim Batol and the destruction of the demon's soul, Onyxia continued his work.

 Katrana Prestor

After playing a role in weakening the Lordaeron Alliance, Onyxia decided to expand her influence and turned her gaze to the distant kingdom of Stormwind. Under the identity of a noble human named Katrana Prestor, she managed to infiltrate the royal court. She worked to slow down the rebuilding of the kingdom and to isolate it from the northern countries. Although Onyxia had hoped for a complete dissolution of the Lordaeron Alliance, some kingdoms had no intention of leaving her. This greatly displeased Onyxia, who manipulated the nobles and the Masons' Guild, leading to a riot in which Queen Tiffin Wrynn was killed.

From this conflict arose the Defiant Brotherhood, which Onyxia secretly supported in order to prevent the kingdom of Stormwind from thriving properly. Following the death of his wife, King Varian fell into a depression, which Onyxia took advantage of by using a spell on his mind that plunged him into deep lethargy. She became the king's adviser and used him as a puppet to serve his purposes.

After the Third War

Third War

For almost 10 years, Onyxia had free rein and manipulated Varian as she pleased, keeping the kingdom in a precarious situation. However, with time, King Wrynn's will regained the upper hand and he freed himself from his enchantment. She tried in vain to dissuade Varian from going to Theramore to meet Thrall. Seeing the situation escape her, Onyxia had Varian kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Defiance, who took him to the island of Alcaz. The dragon decided to use ancient magic on Varian to remove his will and fighting spirit and turn him into a puppet again. This resulted in the creation of two distinct beings, each one having inherited a distinct character trait. Onyxia was about to eliminate the fighting Varian for good when Naga under the orders of Morgala Grain-Black attacked them. She ordered her dragonians to capture the plaintive Varian and kill the other.

She then returned to Stormwind and with Varian's disappearance, she ordered the young Anduin to be crowned as a pretext to preserve order in the kingdom. As Anduin's advisor, Onyxia continued her efforts to keep the kingdom under control. When Magistrate Solomon requested Stormwind's help against the orcs of Blackrock Mountain, Onyxia discredited the threat, arguing that it would not weaken the capital's defenses for a man suffering from paranoia. Although Bolvar respected his decision, he asked an Alliance adventurer to serve Solomon as Stormwind's ambassador.

Onyxia downplayed the importance of Jaina's warning to Bolvar Fordragon about the involvement of the Defiance brotherhood in the kidnapping of King Varian. Certainly to find a place where she could secure her brood, Onyxia hunted down and destroyed the village of the Stonemaul ogres.

Return of Varian

Return of Varian

When she was warned that the fighting-minded Varian she thought was dead had actually survived, Onyxia hired an assassin to eliminate him. Unfortunately, the assassin failed. As rumors began to spread, Onyxia decided to stage Varian's return to the throne. She used the second Varian after having easily bewitched him and made the population believe that he had been held hostage by the Naga who had freed him for a large ransom. She hired a new assassin to eliminate the combative Varian now called Lo'gosh. When Magni Bronzebeard went to Stormwind to ask for the kingdom's help against the Dark Ones, she convinced the Puppet Varian not to get involved in this dwarf conflict.

Nevertheless, Bolvar Fordragon ordered reinforcements to be sent to the Thandol Viaduct. But Onyxia rescinded the order on the pretext that Stormwind's troops were already reduced. She realized that despite the spell on the Varian Pantin's mind, Prince Anduin was able to make him react. She knew that the boy's perspicacity was a threat that she had to neutralize quickly. During a horse ride, she discreetly caused an accident that would have killed Anduin if the Varian Pantin hadn't come to his aid. Despite all his attempts to eliminate Lo'gosh, he burst into Stormwind. Furious, she ordered that he be arrested for impersonation pending execution. However, this did not happen, and when Onyxia was unmasked, she revealed his true dragon form. With the help of her draconian seducers, she confronted her accusers and killed Marshal Windsor. However, she eventually escaped by kidnapping Prince Anduin.

Onyxia took refuge in her lair in the Dustwallow Marsh. Very soon she had to face an armed group led by the two Varians and including Jaina Proudmoore, Broll Bearmantle, Valeera Sanguinar and Thargas Anvilmar. Onyxia was quickly overtaken by her opponents and tried to use the spell that had divided Varian into two beings. Unfortunately for her, the spell did not have the desired effect and the two Varians were once again reunited into one person who unleashed all his fury and killed Onyxia. Her head was cut off and displayed on the ramparts of Stormwind.


After his father Deathwing's return, his brother Nefarian retrieved his remains and transported them to his Blackwing laboratory. Finally, as heroes besieged his lair, Nefarian brought Onyxia back to life. However, although she had retained her former power, Onyxia was nothing more than an undead creature in her service. She died again in the face of the heroes who had come to eliminate her brother Nefarian.

b) Who's Onyxia?

A skillful and highly intelligent dragon, Onyxia likes to take on deadly forms, which she uses to secretly manipulate the commercial or political affairs of mortals. Although Onyxia is relatively small for a black dragon her age, she shares the same powers and abilities as the rest of her terrible Dragonflight. Its fiery breath can melt stone and iron. Her physical attacks, whether bites, scratches, or tails, are lightning fast and almost unstoppable. When cornered, Onyxia likes to take flight and blast her troublesome prey from the air.

Although Onyxia has been sighted travelling to and from Blackrock Mountain, her main lair is located in a cave under the Worm Bog. It is also rumoured that its new brood of eggs is hidden in its lair, waiting to hatch. If anyone ever threatened Onyxia in her lair - close to her precious eggs - their anger would be terrible.

c) Onyxia in the role-playing game

The true face of Lady Katrana Prestor

Lady Onyxia is one of the eldest of the Black Dragonflight and the daughter of Deathwing, the aspect of the Black Dragonflight. After many years of careful planning, she made a pact with her older brother, Nefarian, to take over from her missing father and gain control of the Dragonflight entirely. To do this, she manipulated many mortals and other dragons to do so. Now Onyxia is posing as one of the highest officials of Stormwind, preventing the people from bringing much needed help to the regions near the Burning Steppes (where her brother has significant power and influence). His own lair is in the Dustwallow Marsh in Kalimdor and thus always has a safe haven should it be discovered in Stormwind. Many suspect that Onyxia is linked to the disappearance of King Varian Wrynn from Stormwind, but this rumor has never been confirmed. She clearly has insidious plans for the human nation that go far beyond simply holding back the city's forces. Onyxia is probably one of those responsible for the revolt in the prison, but her motives are unclear. Onyxia speaks the common, Darnassian, Draconic, Dwarf, Orc, Thalassian and Zandali.

With Onyxia threatening to unleash her anger, her breath and destroy her city, Jaina has much to do to protect Theramore.

Onyxia controls much of the Dustwallow Marsh, but she also has a human identity in Stormwind: Lady Katrana Prestor. As Lady Katrana Prestor, she corrupts the town's rulers and prevents the mobilization of Stormwind's armed troops against her brother on Blackrock Mountain. She has set fire to the south of Dustwallow and is likely to be a real problem for Jaina one day.

d) Facts about Onyxia

  • Before appearing in World of Warcraft, Onyxia was first mentioned in the Warcraft Roleplaying Game.
  • Onyxia appears as a legendary card in the Hearthstone game. It also appears in its undead form during the battle against Nefarian in the Blackrock Mountain adventure.
  • Onyxia appears as a souvenir used by the Silver Confessor Paletress during the trial of champions.
  • Grazzle the Great claims to have faced Onyxia.
  • During the development of Heroes of the storm, a concept art of Onyxia was introduced.

3. Alexstrasza


Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder, is a red dragon, formerly a draconian aspect of the Red Dragonflight. She is both queen of all the dragons of Azeroth as well as the leader of the Red Dragonflight. Her mission is to protect all life on Azeroth.

While still a proto-dragon, Alexstrasza distinguished herself with the help of her brethren in the fight against Galakrond. She was given a portion of the powers of the Titans, most notably Eonar, and became the draconian aspect of the Red Dragonflight charged with protecting all life on Azeroth. It was also the Titans who crowned her Queen of Dragons.

Over time, thanks to her immense power, Alexstrasza has intervened in many events in the history of Azeroth and has been the source of several major creations (Nordrassil, Quel'dalar, the Soul of Dragons...). This power was not without exciting the avarice of different entities that sometimes managed to make her prisoner or defeat her. However, Alexstrasza always managed to get away with it.

Recently, Alexstrasza has been directly involved with the people of Azeroth in the fight against the Scourge, the Nexus War, and the conflict with Deathwing. With the death of Neltharion, the Draconians have lost a very large portion of their power and might. Alexstrasza, though dedicated to protecting life on Azeroth, has decided to share her task with the people of Azeroth. She now resides in the Worm's Rest Temple in the Desolation of the Dragons, where she continues to watch over her Dragonflight and the life of Azeroth.

a) Alexstrasza's story

Alexstrasza and Ysera

Flying to the rescue of her friend Cenarius, Demigod of Nature, during the first invasion of the Burning Legion, she contributed greatly, with her red Dragonflight, to the victory against the Demons. During this war, Neltharion, Aspect of the Earth, approached the other Aspects to offer them to join forces and sacrifice some of their powers in order to create an artifact of fabulous power. This would protect Azeroth forever, even after the Aspects disappeared, the Soul of the Demon.

But Neltharion had actually become the evil Deathwing, Aspect of Death, and betrayed his fellow men by not sharing his powers and attacking the other weakened Aspects. The ensuing war saw the disappearance of most of Deathwing's Black Dragonflight Dragons and his exile. The remaining Aspects cast a spell on the Soul of the Demon, preventing Deathwing from touching the artifact. Fortunately, the war against the Burning Legion was won anyway.

Then a pact was sealed between Alexstrasza, Ysera and Nozdormu and Shan'do Malfurion Stormrage to protect the new Well of Eternity. The source of magic in Azeroth was in danger of attracting demons to Azeroth once again.

Thus, an acorn was planted at the bottom of the Well of Eternity. As the magical energies of the Well flooded into it, a tree of colossal size emerged from the depths of the Well, reaching gigantic proportions. It was named Nordrassil, the World Tree, and became the source of the Magic of the Night Elves, bringing them immortality and immunity to disease.

After this episode, Alexstrasza continued to protect the world fervently for millennia.

But Deathwing continued to plot, and managed to convince the brutal Orcs of the Dragonmaw Clan to take the Soul of the Devil. Zuluhed, Chief of the Dragonmaw Clan, used the Soul of the Devil to capture Alexstrasza, and charged Nekros Skullcrusher, a powerful Demonist, to keep her captive and docile in the fortress of Grim Batol in The Paluns.

As a result, Alexstrasza was forced to mate with Tyranastrasz, her aging companion. They gave birth to young dragons that the Orcs would use as war mounts. This was a major advantage in their battles during the Second War.

After the Second War, which saw the Horde once again defeated at the hands of the Alliance, Alexstrasza was the Horde's only asset in their struggle. But Deathwing was already making plans to evacuate her from Grim Batol, far from the Orcs, so she could steal her eggs and rebuild her Black Dragonflight.

However, Deathwing had not counted on the intervention of Korialstrasz, another companion of the Queen of Dragons, who had managed to bring the other three Aspects together. After a long and bitter battle that saw the destruction of the Demon Soul by a brave Mage named Rhonin, Deathwing managed to kill Tyranastrasz. But he was forced to retreat, fleeing without eggs and without Black Dragonflight.

Released from the grip of the Soul of the Demon, Alexstrasza killed Nekros Skullcrusher in revenge, freed his young Dragons from the clutches of the Dragonmaw Clan and set off with Korialstrasz to rebuild the Red Dragonflight.

Alexstrasza and Krasus

Today, the Red Dragons still guard the cursed ruins of Grim Batol, and Nekros Skullcrusher's son Nekrosh became Chief of the Dragonmaw Clan in the area.

Alexstrasza reappears in Wrath of the Lich King, where she sits with Krasus. She has gathered all the Dragonflights to face Malygos who has begun a crusade against the races using magic. She will not interfere in the conflict against the Scourge, but will prevent the plague of the outcasts from spreading across the continent. She also ordered the attack on the Obsidian Sanctum, which will cause the death of Sartharion. She also allowed a group of adventurers to defeat Malygos and end the Nexus War.

Just when she thought she was at peace, the Ruby Sanctum was attacked by an unknown enemy. After investigation, it was troops from the Black Dragonflight and the Twilight Hammer who decided to take revenge for the raid on the Obsidian Sanctum. With the help of adventurers, the Red Dragonflight repelled the intruders, but the queen's eggs disappeared, stolen by the Twilight Hammer and hidden in Grim Batol.

She watched helplessly as Deathwing returned and made the same decision as she had made for Malygos. She ordered his death and decided to fight him in person in the Twilight Highlands. At the end of a fierce fight in which the dragon queen was severely wounded, she thought she had defeated her brother, but the latter rose up, confessing to Alexstrasza that he had powers far superior to her. One of the dragon queen's sons stood up to Deathwing so that his mother could be taken to safety and healed of her wounds. Now she has ordered her troops to attack Grim Batol and the Death Wing forces.

After Thrall and a group of adventurers retrieved the Soul of the Dragons, she participated in the fall of her former colleague. She helped the adventurers and also participated in the fight to end the life of the Earth-Warder. Once Deathwing was defeated, we learn that she and the other aspects lost too much power in this fight, as well as their immortalities. She later announces the age of mortals.

b) War Crimes

Garrosh Hellscream

During the trial of Garrosh Hellscream at the Temple of the White Tiger in Pandaria, Tyrant, who assumes the role of the accuser, summons Alexstrasza as a witness. The Queen of Dragons, who came in human form, testifies about the slavery she and her Dragonflight experienced under the yoke of Dragonmaw orcs during the Second War. This situation is sadly still relevant during the reign of Garrosh. It reveals that Nekros had forced her to copulate with other dragons to produce offspring that would be used by the Horde as mounts for war against the Alliance. To do this, the orc destroyed the eggs of the Life-Binder and spread their contents on her. With this testimony, Alexstrasza gives Tyrant an excellent reason to condemn Garrosh with five charges (forced pregnancy, torture, child abduction, slavery and murder of prisoners). On the other hand, when Baine Bloodhoof, Garrosh's reluctant defender, asks her how she feels today about the Dragonheads, the Old Aspect answers that she reveres all life. When she still had all her powers and as such, she abhorred taking it from anyone. She will affirm that she has no quarrel with any race in Azeroth, that she regrets that some beings take extreme decisions that put life itself in danger. This leaves her no choice but to offer them death (like Malygos or Deathwing, who were previously defeated). However, she will assert that very few beings are truly evil, that even Garrosh would not be excluded from redemption. She will then confide to Baine that if a Dragonmaw orc who has been guilty of crimes against her and her Dragonflight in the past came to her to beg her forgiveness that she would always forgive him.

Recently, in the Mists of Pandaria expansion, she appears as a witness in the trial of the Warlord of the Horde, Garrosh Hellscream. She forgives him for all the evils he caused, cherishing every life. She also states that he had to live for the redemption of his sins and that too much blood had been shed.

c) Notable Facts about Alexstrasza

  • Alexstrasza is added as a playable hero in Heroes of The Storm on November 15, 2017. She is the 73rd hero to join the Nexus.
  • Alexstrasza is also a legendary Hearthstone map.

4. Galakrond


Galakrond is the largest and most powerful proto-dragon we know. It is said to have been larger than all the Aspects combined. It has no real predator. The reason for its immense size is that one day, because of hunger, it devoured another proto-dragon and got a taste for it. He then began to devour his fellow creatures, gaining in power and size. As a result, it became deformed and became monstrous in appearance. Deformed legs, wings and even eyes formed and covered his entire body. But the most terrifying thing is that each of the proto-dragons he devoured turned into a bloodthirsty undead whose bite gave his victims an irresistible desire to taste the flesh of other proto-dragons. The only proto-dragon known to have been able to resist the temptation after one of these bites is none other than Malygos. Galakrond almost caused the extinction of his own species because of the hunger that gnawed at him, even pushing him to re-eat his former undead victims to calm his appetite.

a) His story

However, his growth had negative effects. Indeed, his body was unevenly grown, which caused him serious organic problems, including terrible coughing fits that could take his breath away for long minutes. He is considered to be the "sire of the dragonids" since it was after his death that dragons as we know them appeared. Moreover, the mutations he suffered from brought him roughly close to what a dragon would be later on.

It is thanks to Tyr, one of the guardians of Ulduar, that the immense Galakrond was defeated, but indirectly. Indeed, the guardian saw the problem with Galakrond, but doubted his ability to defeat it alone. He then observed the dragon protos carefully and interacted with Malygos, who was particularly wise. He then asked the proto-dragon and his group, composed of Nozdormu, Alexstrasza, Ysera and Neltharion, for help. The plan was that the proto-dragons would harass and hinder the colossus while Tyr would confront him. The battle went well, until Galakrond grew up in the middle of the battle. Galakrond grew bigger and more powerful and pushed the guardian away and ripped off his forearm. Although Tyre could no longer fight, he had fulfilled his role: gathering proto-dragons who would fight Galakrond, and not save themselves for their lives. The proto-Dragon then withdrew to attack the monster again.

Later, Galakrond heard a combined roar, yet tens of miles away. He rushed over there and found the five proto-dragons accompanying the giant, who was absent. The fight was at first a kind of cat and mouse, with the proto-dragons attacking and then retreating. This little game ended when Galakrond tore off whole mountain ranges, sending them everywhere, touching Malygos. Neltharion then arrived, roaring to shake the earth right next to the ear of the colossus, ringing it. The proto-dragons were able to save Malygos, but realized that Galakrond had called to his rescue the remaining undead, about ten of them. As they tried to escape, Galakrond came back, blowing his breath, which was a powerful anesthetic. At that moment, fortunately, Nozdormu blocked his nostrils, forcing him to breathe with his mouth wide open, which Ysera took advantage of, blowing his breath, which was also an anesthetic. This action put Galakrond and his henchmen half asleep, allowing Malygos and Neltharion to take a rock weighing several tons. While Galakrond, quickly awakened, fought the 3 remaining proto-dragons, the 2 others approached carrying the rock. Unfortunately, the undead had returned. Neltharion then dropped the rock, making the suicidal decision to hold the undead.

b) His death

Malygos approached Galakrond again and managed to drop the rock so that it went directly into Galakrond's mouth, and more specifically into his throat, where it got stuck. Galakrond quickly began to choke, and paid no more attention to his tiny enemies. So Malygos went into his mouth and blew, hoping to seal the rock with frost, but was not fooled, the rock was already starting to dislodge. That's when Neltharion arrived, still alive, like a cannonball, dragging with him the undead. He hit the rock with the undead at a very high speed, pushing them a few more meters. Malygos, jumping at the opportunity, blew again on the rock with the undead on it to seal them, and the proto-dragons left the monster's mouth.

After that, Galakrond tried to cough as hard as he could, but couldn't because of the rock. He twisted himself in pain, rolled around, destroying a few mountains in the process, and even hit his head on some mountains in desperation, although it made no difference. Realizing then his imminent death, he flew away from this place, took with strange instinct, and headed south. He fell a few times, causing earthquakes each time, then rose vertically, only to fall again, this time for good. The impact was such that he sank deep into the ground, creating landslides all around, killing him instantly, his neck being reduced to lint.

c) His legacy

Galakrond's skeleton

Following Galakrond's death, two of Ulduar's guardians arrived, explaining that the proto-dragons had done their part, while they had failed to do theirs. They decided to give his heroes the powers of the Titans themselves, so that they, too, could protect Azeroth. As "Aspects", they would turn them into dragons and modify proto-dragon eggs to become dragons of different Dragonflights.

The colossal skeleton of Galakrond can still be seen at the Desolation of the Resting Dragons of Galakrond. The Great Necro-lord Antiok is trying to turn it into the undead for the Scourge.

Galakras, the proto-drake who was enslaved by Zaela, was his last descendant.

5. Deathwing


Deathwing, formerly known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, was one of the five Dragons that the Hall had endowed with the power of immortality, in the hope that they would protect the world from all interference. Neltharion, the Earth-Warder, was always loyal to his queen, Alexstrasza, the Life Carrier, as well as to his companions Ysera, the Mistress of Dreams, Malygos, the Hand of Magic, and Nozdormu, the Master of Time. Neltharion fought valiantly alongside his draconian brethren in the War of the Elders, until he finally repelled them.

a) Betrayal

During the Ancient War, Neltharion was still known as the Earth-Warder. But that was just a guise. For some time, he had been falling into madness. Unceasing voices from the well of eternity eventually persuaded him that only he could balance Azeroth and protect it properly. That only he alone should rule over the people, night elves, Taurens, earthlings and even dragons. Anything that could make him paranoid was whispered to him by the voices - which were, in fact, one or more of the Old Gods (including N'Zoth).

After the Highborne Night Elves opened a portal for the Burning Legion using the colossal power of the Well of Eternity, the huge army of Sargeras slaughtered thousands of elves. Resistance was quickly organized, but it soon became clear that the Elf army alone would not be enough to repel the Legion. As one of the five Aspects, Neltharion asked the other four Aspects to let all the dragons give up some of their powers to create the dragon's soul. This is such a powerful artifact that it could protect Azeroth from the Burning Legion forever, even if the Aspects were to disappear one day. With the help of Malygos, who was unaware of his friend's Machiavellian plans, they agreed. But Neltharion hadn't given up any of his powers.

He revealed his betrayal at the worst possible moment. As all the dragons of Azeroth were on their way to the battlefield to rescue the elves, Neltharion unleashed the dragons' soul energy. He began to use it against the Legion, whose thousands of demons died instantly, much to the delight of the elves and dragons. Immediately afterwards, Neltharion used his artifact to immobilize all the dragons - even the Aspects - and decimate hundreds of elves. An aberrant speech ensued, in which the entire audience was able to gauge the dragon's madness. Neltharion then attacked the dragons, especially those of the Blue Dragonflight who wanted to stop him. Almost all of them were decimated by the power of the artifact.

It was at this point that the dragon's soul was renamed the soul of the demon, and Neltharion disappeared to make way for Deathwing.

b) The rise of Deathwing

After the mad Aspect betrayed him, the other dragons hid so he could not find them again, and Deathwing returned to his lair with his soul. Deathwing's own physique had changed, corrupted by the evil power of the Old Gods. His body had swollen, his scales had spread apart to let lava flow, and his eyes were charged with fire. Goblins and orcs had to lay metal plates over his entire body. During this time he suffered, agonizing to the point of entering a black rage, ravaged his own lair, killing most of his servants present. Then he took flight and everywhere there was chaos and desolation.

Using the Emerald Dream, Malfurion Stormrage managed to find the dragon's lair and steal his cursed artifact. However, he in turn was dispossessed by Varo'then and Illidan, his own brother. The two elves brought the soul back to Zin-Azshari, where they planned to use it to summon Sargeras. As the summoning spell was about to succeed, Deathwing managed, after unimaginable efforts, to pull the demon's soul from the magic womb, saving the world. He was violently repelled by an invisible force, and the defenders of Kalimdor recovered the cursed disk.

Later, the remaining Aspects hid the demon's soul, and enchanted it so that Deathwing was unable to use it again. The dragon vowed to destroy all "inferior" races and take revenge on his brothers. The ensuing war between the Black Dragonflight and the other dragons was fatal to the Black Dragons.

c) The soul of the demon and the orcs

Ten thousand years later, some Dalaran Archmage chased Deathwing and thought they had shot him over the sea.

During the Second War, Deathwing had the Orcs get their hands on the dragon's soul, which has since been renamed the soul of the demon. The Orcs were able to control Alexstrasza, the Aspect of Life, and use his descendants as formidable war mounts. Deathwing even went so far as to swear allegiance to the Horde.

At the end of the war, Deathwing found refuge on Blackrock Mountain, where a handful of renegade dragons attacked anyone who came too close to their lair. Deathwing approached an envoy from Ner'zhul, Teron Fielsang, and instructed him to offer Ner'zhul an alliance. Ner'zhul would let Deathwing go to Draenor for safekeeping of his eggs, and Deathwing and his dragons would mount the Horde. Deathwing agreed, taking his troops through a portal to a mountainous island in the Devouring Sea. Deathwing was defeated by the Alliance expedition, however. He did not reappear and many thought he had perished. He was in fact, once again, gathering his strength.

Lord Daval Prestor

Posing as a human - Lord Daval Prestor - he infiltrated the political discussions of the Alliance. He even nearly took control of the nation of Alterac and married the daughter of the King of Lordaeron. At the same time, he used his many pawns to lead the young Rhonin mage in Grim Batol. Deathwing made the orcs believe that the humans were about to attack, so they moved Alexstrasza, and more importantly her eggs, to Dun Algaz. He could then steal her eggs and find a female dragon with whom he could re-form the Black Dragonflight.

His plan, however, failed. Korialstraz had managed to unite the three Aspects that remained free. In the merciless battle that followed, the demon's soul was destroyed by Rhonin and Deathwing had to retreat, pursued by his former companions. No one knows what happened to him, but already his offspring, Onyxia and Nefarian, remind the world that Deathwing is still lurking on Azeroth.

In The Night of the Dragon, it is revealed that Deathwing is still alive. He is hiding under Grim Batol, and has begun his own experiments to improve the Twilight Dragonflight dragons created by Sintharia.

d) The return

Deathwing return

In the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm, Deathwing is back and the whole face of Azeroth is forever changed. He hid in the Netherworld, in the Elemental Plane of the Earth, to recover from his wounds. His return unleashes the cataclysmic event that we are talking about, a series of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that are tearing the world apart. Each day, he will attack an area of Azeroth. Players in that area will have to watch out for his terrible blast.

e) The End of the Earth's Aspect

When the PTR servers for the Cataclysm 4.3 expansion opened, some players had the opportunity to fight him in a magnificent final battle for the future of Azeroth. The battle is in two parts. The first part takes place on the dragon's back, with the heroes fighting against lava tentacles that are strangely reminiscent of the Old Gods. After breaking his armor, Deathwing crashes in the middle of the Maelstrom, the battle continues, accompanied by Alexstrasza, Nozdormu, Ysera, Kalecgos, and the Thrall Shaman. It is then that Deathwing takes a lava form, and he looks more and more like a Old God.

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